Islamophobia in China


Akhtar Umrani
“Those who are silent when others are oppressed are guilty of oppression”.The nations that claim to be defenders of the faith offer no protest to the concentration camps in Xinjiang Province of China.I might not be able to do something for them or express the pains and sorrows which the Ugharian Muslims are suffering from,but I will not be silent like the International Community is today.My write up is only a reminder for the International Community to follow their charter and be voice of the voiceless Ugharian People who are suffering from extreme suppression of Chinese extremist Regime just because of their faith in the Re-education Camps.On one side, the Muslims are tortured, jailed and forced to withdraw their faith by China and, on the other hand, China kept expressing solidarity with Kashmiris and other suppressed Nations. it condemned the  Indian atrocities on Muslims and ever supported Pakistan’s stance on this issue. Similarly, last year, when the Indian government revoked the article 370 and 35-A of its constitution which had granted Kashmir a special status through this outsider could not buy properties or make settlement in this Indian Administrated Territory, then on Pakistan’s request China called on the Security Council’s meeting to resolve the dispute. On other hand, the China itself continued perpetrating mass-killing and systematic genocide of the Uighur Muslims in the so called “Re-education” camps in its Xinjiang Province.The Chinese government has been concealing truth to world by oppressing the Uighur Muslims. But fact never can be cloaked and reality exposed to world by leaked documents of the Chinese government which in the New York Times. The said documents exposed face of China where it is adopted brutal policies toward Muslims.According to the leaked documents, over 2 million Uighurs were detained in ‘re-education’ Centers. Xinjiang is the  main region where Muslims are subjected in tight security and they are totally denied rights freedom of expression and restricted about religious practices by Chinese authorities.Pathetic condition of Muslims in China can be seen in media clips and reports appeared in international media. Uyghur Muslims condition is not different than war-torn countries of Syria, Yemen and other countries.Unfortunately, this issue is neither highlighted by the National media of Pakistan nor the Political Parties who left no stone unturned for Kashmiris and Palestinians Muslims.Why don’t they talk about Ugharian People?  Aren’t they Muslims? Absolutely they are.The Criminal silence of our so called is only to protect and strengthen the economic ties with China, therefore, for they are always mute when it comes to the Chinese barbarism in Xinjiang Province.”I order you to assist any oppressed person, whether he is a Muslim or not”, Said the Holy Prophet.Being the Followers of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it is obligatory on every one of us to follow what he said.

(-The writer is a freelance columnist, based in Turbat.)