Scientific and Technological approach, role in education.

Suhaib Idrees Lateef
At a minute and basic level, Technology refers to the making,modifying,using the tools with a lot of skilled knowledge of tools, techniques, machines and methods of organisation in order to save time while solving anything or improving an existing solution to a problem. It refers to the handle an application or perform a special task with a specific function. Technology always have affected human species in order to control and adapt to their natural or artificial environment. The relationship coexisting between the technology and human mind is very old from times, started from old science of stones and designs,wood and fire and etc. converting them into simple tools which began with the early
man findings means for controlled light and discovery of concept of wheel for travelling and fire for cooking. This was the early stage of technology advancement. Although today we don't count and compare these things with modern technology, but this was beginning of technology which have now reached the heights with man on moon and mars. Technological reforms have now reached to the level of invention of modern day airplanes, modern days rockets, smart phones, internet which have virtually brought the world closer and the removed the barriers for communication. Technological reforms on
daily bases are affecting our society in a number of ways in many spheres.By technology we have developed more and supportive advancements that has avoided much wastage of time and allowed the rise of time leisure. Many of the technological processes have led to the production of some unwanted products called pollutants to effect the natural environment in one form or the other and deplete natural resources and also hamper the ecological environment and often raises some questions as well.
The word Technology may also refer to collection of many techniques, when combined with medicine, it then refers to medical technology. At the very basic and simple level, we can say technology is combination of math, science and art work in combination with each other. The word rose to the prominence in the 20th century after industrial revolution. Its meaning begin to change in early 20th century when the American scientists translated German concept of techniq into Technology as in Europe both terms refer to technology and advancement.TECHNOLOGY IN EDUCATION.Today we are living in a society where technology is virtually unavoidable. Today technology has touched every cause
and domain of human life and is making daily life easier and better and more joyful. The challenge in process of education is in need for solutions on how technology will change education., Talking about technology in education is use of Computer and internet in it. If a student has books and tutorials related to his study on his computer, there is hardly any need of library and for those not having access to tutorials and journals, the internet is always there to keep them updated on every topic related to their studies. Students can learn online even if they are not inside the classroom, even school. In one way or the other technology is helping us in many ways. it covers the human ability to shape and change
the physical world to meet needs, by manipulating materials and tools with techniques. Internet boom in technology is attaining the new heights even money transfer and syllabus contents is being aided by technology. With utilization of technological advancements like smart phones, audio visual aids, equipment's such as OHP, TV, Computer's role in education has reached new heights. Technology is present in many education systems. As of July 2018, American public schools provide one
desktop computer for every five students and spend over $3 billion annually on digital content. In the United Kingdom, computer technology helped elevate standards in different schools to confront various challenges. The United Kingdom adopted the “Flipped Classroom” advanced system after it became popular in the United States. The idea is to reverse conventional teaching methods within schools. In Europe, the European Commission espoused a Digital Education Plan in January 2018. The program
consists of 11 initiatives that support utilization of technology and digital capabilities in education development. With the rise in number of student opting for online training and e-learning courses, the technological advancement is achieving new reforms along with latest technological gadgets with a new grasp. BENIFITS OF TECHNOLOGY.In today's world of supersonic technology, it is almost impossible to stay away from advantages and benefits which are gifts of technology. Online teaching is a great boom for today's students who are studying while they work. Most of the online programs come with an advantage to check it at any time according to personal schedule of the student to earn while he learns as some learners opt to carry on their education with job are also making full use of technology.
Teaching professionals also finding it useful and easier to track and assess student progress with the help of technological advancement to check out the mistakes and other inabilities in student. The students as well as teachers and other members of institutions are able to bring about an increase in creativity in their projects, assignments, tasks and other activities like laboratory works, field works, herbariums or site projects. The implementation of tasks and assignments through the use of technology can be made manageable. The use of technology has caused reduction in monotony and
stimulates the mind-sets of the individuals towards learning and in completion of tasks. Now going through all the above discussed, we should respect the technology which portrays us how to live and how to make in the world of deep conscience and we should believe and feel our society with high technology and make its judicious use for us.

(-The writer is a Shopian Kashmir. )

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