Developing trade in Pakistan


Our prestigious PM of Pakistan deserves immense praise for the building of the country . His recent speech made me feel to be a great citizen of Pakistan . His speech was regarding being assure that the government is to focus on tribal areas inorder to establish industries and establishing border markets for the unemployment opportunities for trade system . This can also soon progress the trade. He also termed the start of the Intra-Afghan dialogue “good news” and said if it was successful would bring a huge in tribal areas and narrated I will earn money that you cannot think of by using these requirements. Believing the fact that industries importance can bring a positive change in the country . They help modernizing agriculture which forms the backbone of our economy . It also reduces the heavy dependence of people on agricultural income by providing them jobs in secondary and tertiary sectors. In such a way it will increase our economic growth as previously with the surfaced cases of COVID-19 pandemic economic growth stopped. Certainly this is the time to establish industries and helping Pakistan in economic terms.


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