Higher education for all


The core concern of HEC is to promote higher education, research & development, and HEIs for promotion of socio-economic development of Pakistan. Access to higher education with equal opportunities is the right of every respectable citizen of the country in the light of Federal Universities Ordinance of 2002. As per HEC’s Federal Universities Ordinance No.CXX of 2002 “ the University shall be open to all persons of either gender and of whatever religion, race, creed, class, color or domicile and no person shall be denied the privileges of the University on the grounds of religion, race, caste, creed, class, color or domicile”. Furthermore, A HEC Policy for the Students with disabilities at HEIs will create an atmosphere in the higher education sector and motivate students with incapacities to accept the higher education challenges along with involvement in all aspects of the university education i.e. academic, and extra-curricular activities. This document is applicable in all public and private sector universities/HEIs across the country. The aim of the policy is to provide an environment for the students with disabilities and to cater the same for all students during the study time period. This period of life is the main pillar of life. The opportunities of the policy are from admission to the award of the final degree e.g. accessibility committee, separate focal person, especial services, admissions, assessment of need, teaching and learning, examination and assessment, accommodation, grievances, staff training and development, convocation, and award of the final degree programme. In the view of the above policy the all stakeholders (HEC, HEIs, Universities, Committee Members, Focal Persons, Administrative staff etc.) will be responsible for the strict compliance and students with disabilities have equal right of access to higher education being a respectable citizen of Pakistan.


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