The Trends of Biological, Health and Medical Sciences In Karo Jabal Malmari Thatta


Jokhio Jasarat Ilyas Sindhi
Education is a lifelong process which has always been going on with human beings since centuries when Adam was created by God; he was taught to name the various things by the Almighty Himself. Later on, his generations on the earth planet started to learn from each other while sacred scriptures and innovative idea-creator staunch scientists led them with the light of guidance and eternal teachings. Malmari village is also one of the ancient villages of hilly areas of Sindh, Pakistan which is located on the beautiful bunch of the famous Karo Jabal mountains of Taluka and District Thatta Sindh, Pakistan. As Karo Jabal being rich not only in biodiversity but also very popular in its cultural traditions which contains extension of religious background since the 15th century as it is evident from the various graves located besides the hills of the region while as later in 19th century the trends of Science education was a big revolution in the region. At present, Malmari located under the shadow of Karo Jabal, has very rich science education trends which has a shining background of few personalities whose notable and staunch figures are historical including Sir Abdul Aziz Jokhio, Sir Muhammad Ilyas Hamgham Jokhio and Sir Jan Muhammad Janbaz Jokhio who not only gave courage to their students, siblings, children but also performed their duties to motivate hundreds of students and their parents to continue the education. Mr. Khan Baig Jokhio was the brother of Sir Abdul Aziz Jokhio who practically initiated the science education implementation and sent his sons to Karachi for higher education where Mr. Abdul Jalil Jokhio got his first Matriculation (Science) while as his other two sons became the leading scientists in the field of Metallurgical materials and civil engineering. Adding to human nature, health is an auspicious gift of God for which humanity has been trying to find ways to brighten life and enlarge the facilities for conduciveness and fitness in health. In this consequences, Sir Jan Muhammad Janbaz Jokhio got his diploma certificates from Victoria College Lahore through distance education along with credential to start his practice to treat the patients of various diseases. He not only opened the gate of Medical and Health Sciences in Malmari but also convinced others to seek education related to human health. Afterwards, Sir Muhammad Ilyas Hamgham Jokhio; another famous name of Thatta sent his two daughters to the Public Health School Karachi for a short course in Health from where they got graduated and later completed their Nursing Diplomas and graduation degrees and nowadays serving in the Health Department as Senior Staff Nurses. Consequently, the grand-daughter of Sir Abdul Aziz Jokhio named Dr. Tahira Jokhio daughter of Hafiz Muhammad Jokhio completed MBBS with distinctions from LUMHS Jamshoro and just a year back Dr. Jawed Ahmed Son of Sir Amanullah Jokhio got his BDS degree from LUMHS. Dr. Tahira Jokhio is serving as consultant in Auckland, New Zealand nowadays. Hence, the educational caliber started to reach at climbing steps in Malmari and Dr. Sassui Shahid daughter of Hafiz Muhammad Jokhio also got her MBBS from the same university who is currently serving as Consultant Dermatologist while as Dr. Gulzar Shuhrat daughter of Sir Amanullah Jokhio got MBBS and later on MCPS; serving as Consultant Gynecologist in one of the famous private sector hospital at Karachi. Dr. Sughra Naveed daughter of Sir Siraj Din Jokhio got her MBBS from LUMHS and later on she presented her research paper in one of the international conferences in Dubai. She is nowadays in Canada for her higher education. Later on, Dr. Saddam Yaqoob Jokhio, Dr. Rizwan Jokhio, Dr. Habibullah Jokhio and others come in the same lane to be counted in the list of medical professionals. An other granddaughter of Khan Baig Jokhio named Dr. Saba daughter of Sirajdin Jokhio is professional Physiotherapy student while as there are numerous names in the category of Staff and Male Nurses who are working in the various hospitals of Sindh belonging to the rural village Malmari of Karo Jabal Thatta. Adding to the Biological Sciences and research studies, there is no one with any master degree yet up to 2020 except the author who got his BS and MPhil degrees in Zoology with specialization in Endocrinology and Parasitology along with another Master of Education in Health Education Management. Many of the other young children are getting education for whom it is strongly recommended to get involved in research rather than just getting the degrees in the various fields of the Biological Sciences.

Concluding the facts, Malmari is though a small Kohistani very far flung and rural village in Thatta but its villagers are progressive in terms of science education which is the sign of meritorious Sindh whose children are of course the icons of competition in various countries. This was a baseline of Biological, Health and Medical Sciences in just a single village of Sindh while as if we write on other villages and cities; the history will shut up the mouths of the enemies of Sindh.

(-The write is researchers.)


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