Unethical Behavior of Sindhi Newspaper Editors

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Sonia Magsi
Having 1 year profound experience of writing in multiple leading newspapers and magazines, I have deeply observed the unacceptable differences of adapting ethical behavior between Sindhi Editors and English Editors, Occupationally. My personal experience went excellent at English Newspaper and Urdu Newspapers owing to the ethical and responsive as well as bountiful attitude of English Newspaper editors. I also have perceived some deficiencies in almost Sindhi Newspapers except Kawish that they are being aggressive and non responsive to the writers who wish to add write-ups based on up-to-date knowledge. Even so, The Writers write free of cost in their newspapers. Notwithstanding, The so-called Sindhi Editors do not value the diligence and assiduity of their Sindhi Writers. The reasons are: Firstly, they bring forth the editorials and write-ups written on local and less recognized issues of Sindh alone. Secondly, they have no good sense of selecting knowledgeable material for the Students even one article. Thirdly, they prioritize the material that is less read by the Students in their exams preparation phases. Certainly, there are thousands of other resources of study besides these newspapers. But, being a regular writer as well as a deep observer, I was expecting to help Sindhi Students through regular question solving strategy and requested a few to be cooperative in this cause but to no avail. Sindhi Editors should make changes in their attitude and actions particularly and add some knowledgeable material for the Students as their newspapers are lacking value according to  the above-mentioned facts. Newspapers are always the great source of spreading all-time information for all ages. Having a responsible occupation, It is the duty of Editors to satisfy the needs of the readers as it is a fact that their newspapers are purchased through money not free of cost.

(-The writer is freelance columnist, based in Larkana.)

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