Cerebral palsy cases in Pakistani children twice than world average: Dr Fowzia Siddiqui


Karachi:    The cases of cerebral palsy (CP) in Pakistan are rising sharply and in Pakistani children their prevalence is twice than its world average, said noted neurophysician of the country and Epilepsy Foundation of Pakistan Dr Fowzia Siddiqui, addressing a ceremony on the occasion of the World Cerebral Palsy Day at Darul Sukoon here on Tuesday.

She said every year the Cerebral Palsy Day is observed in the world on October 6. She said as per the world average 2 to 3 children in every 1000 children suffer from this disease. However, in Pakistan the prevalence is this disease is much higher. She said as per an estimate one child in every 250 Pakistani children suffers from this disease.

Dr Fowzia Siddiqui said the causes of high prevalence of these cases in Pakistan include lack of care of the expecting mothers, infections and use of harmful medicines. She said other causes include poor intake of vitamins and folic acid in the expecting mothers and their irregular or no medical checkups. She said due to poor oxygen intake in newborns and infections at childbirth, their brain and body is affected with palsy. She said there are several types of this disease and it depends upon which part of the brain is affected by this disease. She said sometime both feet, lower body and in some cases whole body is paralyzed and it results in lifelong disability.

Dr Fowzia said early diagnosis and intervention increases the chances of betterment. However, prevention is the best cure. She said if a baby does not respond normally in first three months, their parents should consult a doctor. She demanded of the government to give a serious attention to this disease and set up special schools and rehabilitation centers for the affected children.


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