Are we living in Jungle?


Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
Our society mirrors same scenario of Jungle where male and female deer alongwith their new born off spring are chased by a lion, flock of male, female deer run fast and save themselves but the newborn off spring due to being a little, weak one is unable to run fast, the lion catches baby and tear it asunder into pieces before helpless eyes of the mother. The female deer can do nothing to save her off spring but lament upon her thirst which made her helpless and come to lake to quench her thirst. She could not quench her thirst but fell prey to the hunger of lion, who satiated his hunger with the flesh of weak newborn deer. Same is prevalent in our society. Poor human flock have to come out of their houses, the elders to earn for their livelihood and the youngers to educate themselves but here an unwanted phenomenon takes place, we let our off springs vulnerable to unsafe circumstances. Penniless parents can do nothing to safeguard their children. Hungry wolves are in the ambush to attack the children. We lead an anxious, perturbed life as we live in a lawless state, where those at the helm of affairs don’t like to serve the people but endeavour their best to subdue the masses to make them so weak and depressed as not to raise a finger towards their luxurious and pompous life, purely at the cost of public exchequer which deplete and exhaust rapidly, to sprawl our hands to beg from lending institutions, IMF, Word Bank, ADB, America etc and under these circumstances Pakistan slip back into grey list of FATF. What a wonder the whole nation had to face the consequences emerging out the misdeeds of the “aristocracy”. Civilized minds often think and question themselves; are we living in a civilized society. After a great rumination one finds the answer in negative. Prolonged rumination disclose the heart rendering and alarming fact that we are living in a society, where wolves have worn the mantle of civilized beings. A Majority of people think and act like robots having no sentiments. They have a usual life to go outside of their homes to hunt someone and gain something to sustain and maintain themselves to continue their luxuries. They don’t care that their acts may harm others or cause affliction to other human beings. Societies trace their formation from sentiments. Soft sentiments create soft societies, while hard sentiments create societies having no norms or laws to coordinate the human behaviors and formation of society. Without human compassion a man is more dangerous than wolves and lions. We often read marvellous, unbelievable stories that a missed child, somehow or other, finds himself in “Jungle” and a lion or wolf came there to rescue the child from other dangerous creatures of Jungle. The helpless child is nourished and sustained till he gets adult and prefer to live the life of Jungle, with wild animals. There is another type who, to cater to their own breed even snatch the single bread of others children and let them crying with hunger. Sometimes a civilized being deceives other in such a way that snatches the life- long earnings of their victim and let him to lead rest of his life begging from others, living homeless life. The state is responsible of the promulgation of law and order in society, to coordinate the living issues of society and guarantee the peaceful life to every citizen, irrespective of his cast, creed and standard of living. Rich and poor both are equal in the eye of law. But we are living not in an era of Justice and fairplay, we are living in age of stone. Our education does not make us a civilized honest, efficient worker rather it helps us to develop into a human being treading others under our feet and never care or see back who was the person whom we have crushed under our feet. Civil servants are trained how to plunder public exchequer and make merry with public money. Most of bureaucrats have no sympathy or loyalty with the nation or country as they have a family living abroad, their sons, daughters and wives have won the foreign  nationality and heavy weight bureaucrats have planned well how they would settle abroad after retirement and how their foreign qualified off-springs would rush back, most of them have fake degree’s but they somehow, manage to win lucrative jobs to loot again the pocket of the poor, which we term as public exchequer. Thus an infinite cycle goes on to the utter misfortune of the poor masses. The gang of looters are not human beings in any sense, they are wolves in ambush to jump upon the chance, not to spoil it to eat the body of the poor even with bones and flesh. How we can term them human beings. Such a gang of persons is more dangerous than wolves. Wolves have least chances to attack the human beings as they seldom come to human habitats, but the wolves living inside and being integral part of society are worst enemies than wolves as they live within the texture of our society, they are quite familiar with our weaknesses and having an opportunity to attack don’t miss the chance and make sudden attack. We must have a vigilant eye on the wolves living inside our society. It is incumbent upon us to keep ourselves and our children away from the sinister designs of the civilized wolves. We must be fully aware of the dirty tactics of within the texture of society wolves. The right place of wolves is not our society, their right place is the cage, so we must endeavor to encage these wolves in the cage of law, the “Jail”. But here a question arises, how we can encage these wolves. We are required to make concreted efforts to make the public  awareness, rise up, distinguish the wolves by their anti-social behavior and plundering activities of public exchequer. Public exchequer is our future and it is incumbent upon us to save the future of our generations to come, who are to hold the reins of state. If we want to make our country a safe haven for our next breed, we will have to make unified attempts to thwart the sinister designs of “The Wolves”.

(-The writer is a journalist, author of English Book on current affairs and independent analyst based in Lahore.)


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