Choosing career


Imtiaz Essa Halepoto Jamshoro


After completing matriculation and intermediate level, students often puzzle in choosing right field of study. They often consult with their friends and relatives about choosing good field of study and when they get satisfied in a particular field of study. They are mostly forced by their parents. It is often seen that parents force their children against their choices. It, as a result, produces negative indicates and abstain students’ positive energy. According to latest researches, students can perform better, only in their interested fields. Moreover, students sometimes attempt suicide because of family pressures. Recently, student, from Gujranwala, attempted suicide due to family pressure: He was expected to get higher marks in Board Examination. But, when he failed to fulfill this task. He was pressurized by family and he got depression which led him towards end of his life. Government of Pakistan should initiate campaigns for awareness. So that youth can freely study in their respective field without any such pressure. There should be career counselling programs on T.V and Radio as well. Campaigns be initiated against family pressures over their children in the shape of scholarly-gatherings. Literacy department of Sindh should also arrange such programs. Where students can get inspiration and motivation towards their career.



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