Renewal of SAARC CCI likely to be discussed in 19th SAARC


Islamabad:   Pakistan Businesses Forum says in the coming 19th SAARC
summit, it will be likely that renewal of SAARC trade bodies issue would
discuss in length.
President PBF, Sahibzada Usman Zulfiqar said the diplomatic and political
brawl between Pakistan and India has paralyzed SAARC Chamber of
Commerce and Industry (SAARC CCI) as the Association has barred Pakistan
from using its nomenclature being a suspended body.
Iftikhar Ali Malik from Lahore has been nominated the President of SAARC
CCI in few months back as per rotation policy.
Only July 6, 2020, Fazulrahman Rahmani, Director, HRT, SAARC Secretariat
wrote a letter to the heads of the SAARC recognised regional apex bodies
saying that according to SAARC guidelines and procedures, their recognition
status has expired. The recognition of 24 bodies( six apex bodies and 18
recognized bodies) has expired. Previously, SAARC bodies used to continue
their working as per schedule despite expiry of recognition but this is the first
time, they have been barred from functioning.
According to the letter, in terms of guidelines and procedures for granting/
renewal of recognition by SAARC to the ‘SAARC recognized regional apex
bodies’, the Standing Committee is the competent SAARC body to take a
decision on this matter. Given the fact, the status of recognition of SAARC
Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is no more valid beyond its date of expiry
and stands pending until the competent body of SAARC meets and considers
the matter relating to the Chamber, including the question of renewal of
SAARC Secretariat Nepal has asked SAARC CCI to discontinue its activities
under the nomenclature of SAARC until its status of recognition is renewed by
the competent body of SAARC.
The sources said, the competent body means the Secretaries of Foreign Affairs
of member countries, adding that the issue cannot be resolved until their
meeting is not held. However, there is no indication that India will be agreed
on early meeting of the apex body.
Pakistan’s relevant entity, sources said, recently wrote a couple of letters to the
concerned authorities of SAARC, showing concern on delaying tactics on the
part of some office holders of the organization.


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