Water shortage to affect industrial output: NKATI


Karachi: Imran Moiz Khan, Acting President, North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI), while expressing reservations over the unavailability of water to the industries, demanded from the MD Water Board to meet the consumption demand of water in the industries and supply water continuously without any interruption. Otherwise, the export orders will be jeopardized which will severely affect the country’s exports also.

In a statement, Imran Moiz Khan said that water is an important raw material for the continuation of industrial production activities, especially in the textile, towels, dyeing, bleaching, stitching and other industrial units. Therefore, if the supply of abundant water to these industries is not restored immediately, the industrialists will face huge production losses.

“After the recent torrential rains, the dams have been filled with water and Hub dam has been recorded at its highest level. Despite this, not providing water to Karachi’s industries is a matter of grave concern”, he added.

NKATI Acting President stated that before the rains, when there was a shortage of water, the industrialists arranged water on their own self and continued the production process by obtaining water through private tankers. Although taking water from tankers increased the cost of production, but the industrialists beared the financial losses in the best economic interest of the country.

Imran Moiz Khan further said that unless basic facilities are provided to the industries, it is very difficult to deal with the serious economic crises due to COVID-19 pandemic. The government should issue directives to ensure the supply of water, electricity & gas to industries on a priority basis. So that the industrial wheel can run and the industries can flourish, which will create vast employment opportunities as well as increase the country’s exports.


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