Survival of the fittest


Kainat Zehra

Justice delayed is justice denied is maxim that perfectly suits the pakistan’s crippling justice system that may beautifully be summarized in the words Sabas Asim as she writes , “Poor is guilty, until proven innocent, rich is innocent until proven guilty”. According to the report submitted in January 2020, by a commission constituted by the Islamabad High Court, more than half of all the prisoners languishing in Pakistani jails even haven’t been provided the ‘luxury’ of conviction. Due to the faulty justice system many people die or very often so hung before the court’s verdict term them as innocents; such unfortunate people are compelled to spend their lives in jail, because of poor investigation by law enforcers and dawdling judicial process. The irony is that the privileged class always manage to free themselves even after there are strong proofs against them. Not only they dodge the conviction, they have audacity to play innocents. Same has happened again when Pakistan witnesses the convicts likes Ex Prime Minister of Pakistan, his daughter and son-in-law walking freely even after presence of undeniable proofs and a jail term; they are getting media’s undue attention, all this while threatening an elected government. Ex President’s swiss account case, among many others, is another good example. What is more dangerous than their corrupt practices is the massive number of their following, even after knowing their so called leaders’ inefficiencies and misdeeds. Though there would be a fair share of beneficiaries among their followers, the chance of most of them being ignorants cannot be denied. Mr Hassan Nisar , the renowned journalist correctly terms it as ‘ Shaksiat Parasti’ , which is a major impediment in success of Pakistan. Pakistanis need to learn the true definition of ‘leader’ and follow the one who deserves the title, who is sincere with Pakistan and his/her compatriots. Pakistanis need to pay those no mind, who had ignored them when they had mandate.


(-The writer is freelance columnist, based in Karachi )



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