Thar coal project



Safeer Hussain Mahoto, Larkana


The Tharparker Sindh with naviely and colourful culture. There are many faimlies which had been migarted from Rajasthan for 200 years ago. After colourful culture and serve weather. A lot of minerals have but these minerals is buried in many land layers. That is black gold. The Thar coal project has been starting science 2019. Feasibilty was being doing between Federal Government and Provincial Government. In 2008 and 2009 final decision had come. The responsbility of project is under Sindh government. United have been by Federal Government and Provincial Government and made this project part of CPEC. Totally country have 186 billion tone, only Tharparker have 175 billion tone about 16th largest mine world wide. In project they will be face with 3 water lines in 60 m,125 m and 180 m. Experts says the energy that comes form the coal in the Tharparker will be the energy that comes from more than 50 billion toe, that will be more powerful than Iran’s and Saudi Arabia’s reservers. When project completed the electricity generated by the coal will be more than the electricity generated by the two big dams. No doubt afted completion not only it will be support of electric but also support major economic country. Development is fundamental right of every person or regions. Fundamental right has been gone by Tharparker. May Allah Sindh will illustrious with colourful culture.




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