War begets war; peace brings prosperity

Riaz Quraish Maqsoodi
The state of freedom gotten from war is called, “Peace”. Peace is the state which can make our world like heavenly. The importance of peace can be known by the short comparison of War and Peace; war destroys peace builds and preserves, war bears beast in man peace makes the man civilized, war generates hate peace promotes love, war causes bloodshed peace brings prosperity, friendships and progress. The victories of peace are not lesser than the victories of war. No doubt, peace is one of the basic fillers of development and advancement for a nation. Allah the Almighty’s inventions of science and the creations of arts are the victories of peace. Doubtlessly, peace gives us the message of universal brotherhood and humanity. There is no denying the fact that human beings are unable to survive without love and peace. Islam is a religion of peace which gives crystal clear ideas and reforming laws about social and political situations. The basic purpose of Islam is to an everlasting state of peace in the world. What can be the greatest example rather than Mohammed, life (PBUH)?  Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH) always prayed for his enemies so that the state of peace doesn’t revoke from the world. After conquering the Holy Makkah he forgave all of his foes and tried his level best to maintain peace so that he and all of Makkahns live a peaceful life there.  Whenever it is about peace a question generates itself that, is war necessary for peace? Before finding the answer of this question one must understand the ups and downs of the war. If war is necessary then it is a necessary evil of least option. War’s evil is sometimes concealed beyond by a time of its glamour and excitement, but war is seen in its reality. There is a little glory about war in comparison of peace. History witnesses that the wars have been the reason of millions of men, women and children’ deaths and extreme sufferings while peace is the symbol of humanity, prosperity, loving nature, and great dealings of life.   Wars effects more than soldiers. The ones who are the part of wars just die once and for all but the ones who have an indirect connection with wars die every day. Let it be a woman, man, child, family, society, country or a whole continent each one is often eaten by the shadow of the wars. For better or worse, conflict is an inherent part of human nature. So long as there have been people on this planet, we’ve been willing to kill and maim one another in order to get what we want. Over the centuries, however, society has managed to put up guards against the worst parts of ourselves by establishing and enforcing social norms. However, the few instances in which we allow ourselves to be as brutal and wicked as we truly are, is in war. I believe there is no need of fighting wars to bring peace hence peace itself can establish peace by showing great moral values and by giving equal rights to everyone.

(-The writer teaches English at Bolan English Language Center ).


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