Message of Karbala


Ibrar Hussain


The overarching message from the event of karbala is to stand for truth even at the cost of your and the lives of your beloves. The steadfastness of character when it comes to holding the principles and values, you staunchly believe in no price is ever too hard to stand for right and to safeguard the sanctity of righteousness and truth the was the essence.The grandson of prophet pbuh Imam Husain a.s taught us all as to how to stand up against oppression and resist tyranny. Yazid, the sinful, wicked and immoral character immediately after taking over, legitimized many prohibited things which were meant to humiliate the humanity. Irony is this that all Islamic system was demolished. The system which was once based on rule of law was totally converted into the rule of a discretion. The properly elected democracy khilafat was replaced by the family hereditary monarchy political freedom.


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