Letter to the Editor



Taluka Hospital of Coastal Town Jati Facing Countless Issues Hospital of Jati, the only major health facility in the coastal town of district Sujawal, is facing multiple issues owing to lack of facilities needed to deal with the health requirements of the poor people of the area. According to sources, mismanagement in the hospital is at its worst and, medical superintendent who is the most superior officer is like a soulless body, and has less authority to intervene in the core issues of the hospital, ever since an NGO MERF Medical emergency Resilience Foundation) was handed over the charge of the hospital, along with other Basic health Units of District Sujawal in the year 2017. Poverty-Stricken People,who cannot even afford a square of meal for themselves are shown the path of medical stores due to acute shortage of medicine and other consumables, besides that X RAY-Machine of the hospital is lying useless because of power hide and seek in the area. The building of the hospital is in a derelict state, posing threatdire threat to the staff working under it. Appointment of inefficient paramedical staff by MERF has exposed the lives of patients to grave risk and the number of doctors in the hospital have also been reduced since that takeover. Whenever NGO officials were persuaded to take notice of all these issues they denied on the pretext of insufficient budget. The take over of hospitals by non governmental organisations may have improved the plight of hospitals in other parts of the province but in Jati it has worsend.


-Kamran Khowaja, Sajwal Tluka.




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