Impunity of Kashmir & India’s oppression


Sanaullah Soomro
Since the time of bifurcation of pakistan and India in 1947,both countries have fought many wars and sustained unbearable casualities from bilateral sides, and in these wars mostly “the disputed territory of kashmir remained the flesh verge for fight”India always tried to scatter a hegemonic character across the region and still continuing unduly chaos, compulsions, atrocities and dispersing subversive redemption in kashmir. The downtrodden kashmiris have been fighting for their soveriegnty and freedom since 1930 and have seen brutality and rhetoric situations many times, being a muslim and a patriotic citizen of pakistan. I couldn’t refrain myself to pinpoint and underfocus the grieve of kashmiris and harangued repressions of india. In these fallacious and perilous conditions there is a need of resurge and revival to undermine and curb Indian impetus govt to debilitate.


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