Letter to the editor



Social animals in lockdown Its fact of matter that we human being learn from each other . We imitate good manners of each others and at time adopt some negative attitudes even. Actually, we take on what we watch . So, if some one is kept away from society or social interaction , his/her learning stops . Moreover, if there is less mobility or movement as for as social contacts are concerened, it feels as if learning process is freezed. This situation is more vulnerable for kids since they are in the process of learning .  We fear that children , who already take less interest will face great loss in the present scenario of lockdown. Because of pandemic, they are forced to be kept limited upto house. Resultanly, same routine does not provide them any thing fruitful for their mental growth. Many parents have shown their concern that because of staying home , being away from books and studies, their children have started decaying their worth and approach which is point and great source of gruesome. One will surely loose the worth , if kept away from good books , teachers, schools , colleges , universities and libraries. So, in this hour of gloom, some drastic steps ought to be taken by the stakeholders to keep children engaged in good works in order to maintaine their worth and previous knowledge.


Sheeba Baloch, Larkano



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