Child labour


Sheeba Baloch

Child labour , a slap on the face of world to compel the children like flowers to work for their survival in this cruel and the world of merciless people is celeberated on 12th of june every year. It snatches the beautiful, lovely and enchanting days of childhood from poor chuldren. How unfortunate is that ! Children are forced to replace their toys with different other unwanted and filthy chores. Child labour is curse which makes innocent children to accept an inappropriate work . its sorry state of affairs that our country has legally abolished all kind of child labour in forced or indentured servitude. However , realities stand apart . we , very often so see children work every where . They are always around us doing petty things such as cleaning the tables in hotles, filling air in tyres ofcars in garrages, polishing shoes, working as servant/ maid  etc . Its not end here , many crimes are said  to be carried on by children under the supervision of mafias .  We ask just one question that when will we be sufficient enough to abolish child labour in real sense so as to send these innocencent children to schools . we want to see these childhood as we dream for our children.  Sate is just like mother . Hence , stakeholders are demurely requested to look into matter and take strict action against those , who appoint children for work . There are laws and rules too but implementation is rquired .Save children and their childhood  since they are the fathers of tomorrow and future of country . Save children , save generations .




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