Effective Methodology of Parenting


Kamran Khamiso Khowaja
We usually observe that a child becomes monitor of his class, He is brilliant at his academic work, He participates in Debate competition that takes place in his school and actively participates in Sports activities. By doing all this he showcases his skills and proves his mettle. All these skills and abilities are naturally inbuilted in him by birth or we can say that he is born with all those capabilities. His achievements in childhood indicate us to work hard over his hidden skills and show him the right path to live a successful life, In our society hustling schedule of parents is the biggest issue that prevent them from giving an effective and deserving upbringing to their children subsequently by the passage of time parents impose their decisions, whims and wishes over a child without even knowing his ambitions and motives and then he keeps sailing in a powerless boat for the rest of his Life.  Illustrious American Psychologist Howard Gardner proposes that a child is blessed with at least eight skills and he keeps divulging and making use of it in different phases of his life. Decision making is one of those skills but constant intervention of parents puts an unpropitious impact on that ability which completely deflects the directions of a child,s life.  In this era of technology children are expert at operating Mobiles and other scientific devices as compare to their parents and they try to show their skills by using these devices, parents may keep an eye over their children so they may not get addicted to excessive use of it but they can not completely prevent them from using these devices as these devices remaid their classrooms as well during lockdown.  Now let’s discuss another categorisation proposed by Gardner, those children who are good at painting, singing, acting and writing can be viewed as creative minded, If a child heedfully spends money he can be termed as “Business minded”. If a child gets combative very often then it shows that his emotional quinton is very strong as his behaviour can be normalised through effective counseling.  Comparing children with each other is predicament which also is a major impediment in the way of a child,s progress. Parents should keep sagacious surveillance over their children so their strengths could be identified as earlier as possible and they could be made autonomous enough to take their own decisions freely without any cargo and cramp

(-The writer is a A Law Student and Columnist with special interest in Socio- Political Issues.)


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