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No Fear of Covid 19 Since the day the lockdown has finished , the public has felt as though covid has vanished from the world. There is no fear among the people as they say that the pandemic has sunk . They are of the opinion that it was just a drama scripted by government about the spread and existance of covid-19 . In real sense , it never existed. Resultantly, the people do not follow any rule suggested by government and health department earlier. They ( people ) and the rules stand apart following the announcment of government to bring ease in smart lockdown. The condition in rural area is more
alarming where people are less conscious about issues related to health and hygiene. However, people have stoped and shun the habit of using senitizers, wearing masks and gloves. No social distancing is being maintained neither any single of SOPs is being followed. During past one month, the public get togethers without precautions are seen at greater level. Markets, hotles and roads are full with the occeans of people. This attitude might creat disater. Government should aware masses and should charge penality from those who break the rules. Haani Mustafa Hec lat test!The HEC LAT test ( Law admission test) was conducted by ETC on 5th of September , 2020 ,In morning and evening two shift's.This was the second test of year 2020, as ETC schedules three tests per year for desired candidates.In comparison with all other previous tests of year; 2018, 19 and 2020 , this was toughest among all conducted tests till to day.As an aspirant i will blame HEC for their very poor conduct policy, though i have attended it well but might not get expecting results as per my struggle. It contained many mistakes, to which i will name a blunder with aspirants; for instance, not a single question was there relating Pakistan studies;while the syllabus issued to students via mail or website included at least
10 question from Pakistan studies.The 2nd flaw was in General knowledge portion, it contained more question from science rather then current affair's and crucial information ,nor included questions related to important facts and figures. Overall the test was prepared above the level of an intermediate student.It doesn't mean that no one would clear it, surely, most of us might pass it out easily but ,definitely they would be those who expected about 90's score. In short, the pattern or the types of questions asked in all other past papers , were not matching this conduct. In last i on my personal behalf
and on the behalf of every aspirant looks forward to educational system and appeals chairman HEC to review the syllabus and conduct ahead further to investigate and tackle this unprecedent issue.Nazir Ahmed Kubar, Thari Mirwah.Conflict of interests ?It is an established fact and matter of record that Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government are committed to create a corruption free Pakistan for the posterity, eliminate nepotism, favouritism and sifarish culture ensuring merit and transparency in all
spheres of life. This scribe was shocked other day on reading the reports in the newspapers that a PTI leader Shahid Akram Bhinder, had said that nepotism rules PTI. The federal minister from Lahore holding two portfolios has number of such dubious appointments to his credit such as Chairperson Board of Governors of Alhamra Art Council Lahore, Chairman Central Board of Film Censors, Islamabad, incharge and advisors on art at Shakir Ali Museum Lahore. Appointment of the incumbent lady Director General of PNCA,.NAB Rawalpindi officials are also requested to ensure that the PNCA record of any nature is
not removed or tempered by its officials to hide their anti-art criminal activities to say the least, please.

-Asmaar Bilal, Lahore


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