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Lawyers are under attacks -The threat to lawyers is increasing everyday in Pakistan none of us is safe here. Few days ago a woman lawyer was tortured and raped by unknown persons at depalpur district okara Punjab and depalpur bar went for strike along with whole community of lawyers all over in Pakistan but there is no any justice is done shown to be done and with her, we can only call a strike but cannot stop them because action is silent thoroughly, if there was an action than we can say action speaks louder than words. Lawyers of Pakistan are not saved at all recently member of sindh bar council
larkana region babu sarfaraz khan Jatoi was attacked by culprits and his vehicle was destroyed by them and sindh bar council condemned the attack and called for strike on Saturday, the impact of strike makes suffer the common people whose hearings are being adjourned. But nothing will be gained only on announcing strikes or participating in it. One more incident also took place yesterday a lawyer namely muhib azad was abducted by unknown and unidentified vehicle at Hyderabad no action has been taken by sindh bar council yet. We’re are protector of the rights of others but unfortunately we are not safe ourselves over there.Lawyers union are failed to to appropriate steps to save their community all over in Pakistan. If the followers of justice have been brutally attacked regularly then what will be happened for others common people in Pakistan, should we leave the profession or have decide to take strong action against the brutality? A lawyer makes the law, knows the law but doesn’t want to break the law this is the
reason for silence but now silence is killing every lawyers.Adv Khursheed jatoi from kashmore Sindh Karachi Transformation Plan Yesterday Prime minister Imran khan together with his aides visited Karachi to announce an enormous package for resolution of city’s problems. It seemed a decent to collect all stakeholders of Karachi at one page. While sitting between CM Murad Ali shah and GovernorImran Ismail PM announced a ambitious 11.13 million package for development of Karachi.In which Rs92bn for water system projects, Rs 141bn for sewage treatment, Rs 267bn for solid waste, drains clearance, Rs 41bn for roads and Rs 572bn for Mass transit; rail and road transport. It’s a large amount
ever announced for Karachi, for correct utilization of such amount a committee has also beenestablished with the name of Provincial coordination and implementation committee(PCIO) under the heading of CM Sindh. Now, there’s need of sincerity to work for Karachi’s people who have lived their life under threat whenever any natural disaster came. Sanaullah Kalwar, Kashmore, Sindh.Validity of committee report Some more details have now become available about how the art works of internationally acknowledged artist, writer and poet Anwar Jalal Shemza, which were on PNA Permanent Collection for 35 years, were handed over to an unknown lady whose antecedents were only known to the incumbent PNCA lady Director General last month during my another visit to the National
Art Gallery/PNCA out of sheer inquisitiveness. This is what information I managed to gather during the visit. The lady DG on joining the PNCA early this year had not lost time in doing what she was tasked for. The massive damage was done to the PNCA art treasure on the basis of recommendations of acommittee constituted couple of months back by her with some specific tasks. The committee reportedly was appointed with the approval of the Federal Education Minister Mr Shafqat Mehmood, who also holds additional charge of the Culture Ministry and had endorsed her proposal to return Anwar Jalal Shemza’s art works to his heirs who were sleeping for years together. What is all the more strange,
shocking and surprising is that committee report a was signed by the members on separate dates and not collectively. Lady DG had acted upon the recommendations of her own choice even before it was signed by the chairman of the committee and more importantly seen and signed by the Minister Incharge.

-Eimaad Ahsan, Rawalpindi


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