AJK observes 55th Defense Day of Pakistan with renewed fabulous zest


Altaf Hamid Rao.



JKUJ hosted Web Meet to mark Defense Day of Pakistan as the symbol of full splidarity with suffering Kashmiri brethren including IIOJK journalist fraternity,

MIRPUR (AJK):  (Parliament Times)    Like through out Pakistan, the 55th Defense Day of Pakistan was also observed in Azad Jammu & Kashmir on Sunday with great enthusiasm and devotion coupled with the renewal of the pledge to every moment to be prepared to give every kind of sacrifices for the defense of inch after inch of the country as and when required.

The day dawned with special prayers, at Fajr in the mosques across the liberated territory of AJK for the stability, defense, progress and prosperity of Pakistan, the early success of the Kashmir freedom movement and the immediate end of the siege of the curfew-clamped and restrictions riddled bleeding occupied valley of Kashmir.

Special ceremonies to observe the defense day of Pakistan were held in various parts of AJK including all the district head quarters of Mirpur, capital city of Muzaffarabaad, Bagh, Rawalakot, Palandri, Hattiyan, Haveili, Kotli, Bhimbher and Neelam valley to pay glorious tributes to the martyrs of the 1965 Indo-Pak war for giving the sacrifices of their valuable lives to safeguard the geographical and ideological frontiers of the country. Besides, they paid rich tributes to the brave armed forces of Pakistan and ghazis who responded to a crushing reply and rebuffed the enemy’s attack on Pakistan – who (India) resorted to undeclared war against our motherland in the darkness of the night of this day in 1965.

Addressing a special ceremony held to mark the defense day of Pakistan through special webinar meeting
held under the auspices of Jammu Kashmir Union of Journalists speakers including the JKUJ President Hafiz Maqsood Ahmed, Acting President Saeed ur Rehman Sideequee, Central Vice President Raja Sohrab Ahmed Khan, the organization’s top leader and senior Kashmiri journalist Altaf Hamid Rao, young social media journalist Rao Jehanzeb Khan and
others paid glorious tributes to the martyrs of the 1965 and 1971 wars.

Describing the Defense Day of Pakistan also as the Defense Day of Kashmir, speakers reiterated the determination of the Kashmiris, dwelling either side of the line of control and rest of the world, to continue the struggle for freedom of occupied Jammu Kashmir from the Indian yoke in all circumstances to translate the dream of accession of entire Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan into reality – since Kashmiris consider Pakistan their ultimate destination in all respect and through their indigenous liberation struggle, they (Kashmiris) were bent upon to achieve the final goal to this direction – come what may, they added.

Expressing grave concern over the fast deteriorating situation human rights in the bleeding valley of Indian Illegally occupied Jammu Kashmir following the continual indefinite curfew, lock-down and communication blockade and other heavy restrictions by over a million of Indian occupying forces, speakers called upon the United Nations and the global human rights organizations to immediate move for intervening to save the lives of the innocent freedom-loving Kashmiri population who have been caged since over past one year in to their houses by the fascist and hardliner Indian-Primier Modi-led military, para military and puppet state administration for their “crime” of raising revolt against the long forced and unlawful Indian rule over their motherland.

Speaking on this occasion – the Chair Jammu Kashmir Union of Journalists President Hafiz Maqsood – currently on a visit to the United Kingdom strongly condemned the unrest following frequent violation of cease fire by India on the Line of Control and the working boundary in Jammu & Kashmir following the frequent violation of ceasefire in shape of unprovoked firing by the Indian troops from across the LoC targeting the populous forward locations on the LoC in AJK.

The JKUJ President called upon the world community to take immediate notice of the increased aggressive Indian posture in the region to avert rising threat of nuclear conflict in the region, Hafiz Maqsood also called for performance of due role by UNO and the human rights and freedom loving comity of nations to intervene for ensuring early peaceful solution of the core issue of Jammu & Kashmir to pave the way for restoration of peace in this strife-riddled part of South Asia.

People from various parts of AJK also visited the mausoleums of the martyrs of 1965 and 1971 wars at the places close to their respective home stations including in Jhelum, Gujrat, Rawalpindi districts and offered fateha

In Mirpur, AJK’s lake city of expatriates, major ceremony to pay glorious tributes to the heroes of the history Indo-Pak war of 1965 was held under the auspices of National Events Organising Committee.

Assistant Commissioner Mirpur Muneer Qureshi, Tehsildar Yasir Gardezi, Divisional Information Officer Javed Malik, and the city elite, besides large number of people from all walks of life visited the graves of the martyrs of Indo-Pak wars of 1965 and 1971 in Mirpur city and its outskirt and prayed for the upholding of the status of the martyrs in heaven.

Assistant Commissioner Mirpur Muneer Qureshi, Tehsildar Yasir Gardezi
and others placed the floral wreathes on the graves of the martyrs including the martyr of operation Zerb-e-Azab – shaheed Lt. Col. Mirza Imran Arshad Jiraal, shaheed Naib Subedar Muneer Hussain and others at the local graveyard.

The simple but impressive ceremonies were largely attended by the people belonging to all segments of the local civil society.

Participants of the special ‘duayaa’ (prayer) meetings to mark the defense day of Pakistan, offered dua / fateha for the raising of the status of the martyrs of the – 1965 war besides other martyrs who laid down their lives for the defense of inch-after-inch the country in the wars of 1948, 1965, 1971 and Kargal fight with the chronic enemy India.

They also prayed for the security, stability, progress, prosperity and defense of the country and for the early success of the Kashmir freedom struggle for liberation of the occupied part of the State from the Indian subjugation.

Sharing their views to the media on this occasion Prof. Mirza Arshad Jiraal, father of the martyred soldier – Lt. Col. Imran Arshad and others paid rich tributes to the martyrs of the Indo-Pak wars besides the martyrs of Jammu & Kashmir besides the martyrs of the Radul Fasaad and Zerb-a-Azab operations for laying down supreme sacrifices of their lives for the defense of the country besides to make the country clean of the terrorism.

Paying rich tributes to the Kashmiri martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of the liberation of the motherland from the Indian yoke – especially during the ongoing uprising in the curfew-riddled bleeding Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir, speakers said that Kashmiris struggle for freedom, was in fact the movement for completion of Pakistan.

They underlined that the entire valley of Jammu & Kashmir was today being banged with full throat slogans of “ Pakistan say Rishta Kiyaa – La e La Ha Illalah” and “We Want Freedom”. They said that it was the crystal clear evidence of the continual supreme sacrifices of lives by valiant Kashmiris through their struggle for freedom was to reach their ultimate destination Pakistan .

Speakers said that September 6 – the Defense Day of Pakistan was the day of renewal of the pledge by entire nation to remain alert and vigilant to make the defense of the country in case of any threat from across the frontiers. They vowed that people of Jammu & Kashmir living either side of LoC will make the defense of inch after inch of Pakistan in case of any of impending Indian aggression against the boundaries of the country from across the frontiers including the Line of Control in disputed Jammu & Kashmir state.

Similar special ceremonies to observe the defense day were held under the auspices of various social, political and public representative organizations to highlight the importance of the day in other parts of the district. They offered fateha for the departed souls including the martyrs of War 1965 besides other martyrs who laid down their lives for the cause of maintaining defense, sovereignty and independence of Pakistan.


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