Prolonged outages in Larkana


Sonia Magsi
The central city of politics, native land of Ex Prime minister Benazir Bhutto, city of elites, place of poorers. The Larkana city of Sindh province is facing prolonged power outages since the last two weeks of intense rain. The people of Larkana have undergone the history's vulnerable days despite living in Urban areas and towns, despite crowd protests, but to no avail. The Prolonged outages, unscheduled power cuts, faulty transformers and mismanaged power mechanism have led to unrest in the city,
obstacles in domestic house chores, business management at workplaces, internet e-business at homes, and studies of students in the preparation phase of upcoming exams. In news, Sindh Energy Minister Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Shaikh in a conference has allegedly targeted power companies for not cooperating with the provincial government, whereas, CEO of K-Electric directly blames the federal government for sudden power breakdowns in several districts of Sindh province including Larkana. However, Keeping in view of power infrastructure in Sindh, both Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) and Sukkur
Electric Power Company (SEPCO) powers at least 23 districts in Sindh, furthermore. A single transformer runs about 140 electricity consumers with power outages for 12 to 14 hours in a day. This vulnerable administration and mismanagement of power companies along with WAPDA sectors indicates the recklessness of the provincial government and specially incumbent minister of Energy, Larkana's politicians and administration including WAPDA sectors (Already recognized as an unreliable institution
of Sindh). Many have lodged appeals against the wrongdoing of WAPDA SECTORS but to no avail, Besides, I urge the Sindh Government and concerned department of power companies functioning in Sindh and Larkana to at least visit the city once and ponder upon the vulnerable plight of people of Larkana. It is the need of the hour to have mercy upon the city now.