Address mental health issues


Muhammad Shahjahan Memon
Mental health issues are an increasing social and health problem caused and compounded by some known and unknown factors which has a significant mental and emotional toll on an individual. A society where a major proportion of the population is poor usually bears the brunt of poverty, unemployment and rising inflation. As a result, most individuals generally have tendencies committing suicides and in many cases harming others. Recent Pano Aqil case, a heinous mass murder, is one of its serious manifestations where reported interrogation concluded that suspect was suffering from trauma. Previous reported suicide cases of celebrities and even officials tell otherwise. It shows individuals apparently do not find comfortable sharing or discussing issues confronted by them. Furthermore, mass attitude towards this serious issue is an open secret owing to lack of education. Ironically,
notwithstanding the gravity of issue it is not being addressed on the part of government which is a clear social injustice towards its population. Therefore, the state must do the needful. Whereas media can play its crucial role in changing publics’ long held wrong beliefs deeply rooted in social and cultural context. Later, it may pave the way to public sensitization. In order to build a healthy society, it is inevitable that the state must pay due attention towards this serious threat and shift focus to the public health crisis. Moreover, it is need of the hour to include mental health issues and problem solving skills in curriculum as well for the betterment of new generations. A fact must be kept in mind that a healthy
society yields healthy results which is ultimately in the interest of the state in the long run.