White boards distributed in Barkhan under ‘My Home, My School’ programme


By Rafiullah Mandokhail
BARKHAN: DOSTI Welfare Organization distributed over two
hundred white boards among teachers under its ‘My Home, My
School’ programme in union councils Baghao, Choharkot, Ishani,
Barkhan town, Naharkot and other parts of the Barkhan district. Over
three thousand boys and girls students will benefit from the facility.
Admin and Finance Officer of Peshawar-based DOSTI Welfare
Organization Imtiaz Khan, Volunteers Coordinator Muhammad Khalil,
Communication and Media Officer Mustafa distributed over 200 white
boards in far-off area of Balochistan.
Imtiaz Khan on the occasion said that, in the aftermath of Covid-19
pandemic and ensuing lockdown in the country, the educational
system also badly affected that put the future of tens of thousands
children at stake.
“In this hour of trial, the organization is providing educational
environment to children at their home across the country through the
white board distribution,” adding that thousands of children are
benefiting from the opportunity. Over two hundred white boards have
been distributed in remote and far-flung areas of Barkhan district and
around 3697 students will benefit from them.
“The main objective of this programme is the promotion of
educational activities of children following the closure of education
institutions due to the coronavirus spread. Obviously, the students will
take full advantage of the generous contribution,” he added.
District Education Officer Barkhan Naveed Latif and Deputy District
Education Officer Zareena Sarhadi expressed pleasure, warmly
welcomed the DOSTI team and thanked them for traveling Barakhan
on the invitation of a social activist Abdul Razzaq Khetran.
They said DOSTI organization has been working beyond the
regional boundaries. They termed it a good effort to distribute
whiteboards in schools, tuition centers, and religious seminaries, and
hoped that the organization will support the institutions in future to
improve the education system in the area.