IPL 2020: Players, Officials And Families To Wear Contact Tracing Badges, Says Report


ISLAMABAD:    The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is leaving no stones unturned to help the Indian Premier League (IPL) teams fight the COVID-19 situation and stay safe as they gear up for edition 13. In this very effort, the BCCI has handed contact tracing electronic badges to all teams that have to be worn not just by the players or support staff, but also the family members who are currently in the UAE.

A franchise official said that all teams have been handed small badges the size of whistles that need to be worn by everyone in and around the teams and the bluetooth-enabled badges will help in contact tracing and the data collected will go directly to the BCCI.

“The BCCI has put in place a robust system which sees not just the players, but also the support staff, officials and family members travelling with them wearing these BEEKs badges which will give the board a detailed report on who all we are coming in contact with by using data on movement and interaction. This actually helps if someone unfortunately turns positive as those in danger can be easily traced,” the franchise official explained.

“While one can open the badge when inside the room, it needs to be worn at all times when outside the designated rooms. Also, it can be opened when the players enter the field of play,” the official added.