Students in obscurity



Nazir Ahmed Kubar
The world have had ever not known of this unprecedented COVID-19 tragedy. The pandemic have had shrinked the planet Earth, and disrupted, the every little to large system on this globe. The novel Corona virus originated from Wuhan (China) in late 2019, and affected many other states in early 2020. Where as, Pakistan confirmed it's first case on 26th of February, therefore Pakistan started following world and imposed lockdown, step by step. Since than the schools have been rushed off, unlike to others, the educational system of a developing state have dispersed apart. It's now, about 7 months that students
haven't seen their schools /colleges. The online classes or exams technology was a cock and bull story in such quarantined circumstances. Many intented ,exempted exams and missed classes due to lack of advanced facilities. Many more, either attended classes or attempted exam reluctantly and have had made mockery of it. No doubt! it's difficult for a country, economically and technically unstable, to manage and run the institution during pandemic period. Meanwhile, it's do or die situation for
government now, to reopen all schools and educational institutions ,along with a guideline of precautions and a social distancing system to combat the conundrum. If different traditional programmes / functions can be celebrated with full zeal and Zeast, if march can be carried out without precautionary measures, moreover if international cricket can be played without strict social distancing ,then opening the educational buildings along with order of strict precautionary measures, wouldn't be a hard nut to be cracked. Education is above all these fields, so don't understimate the future of students.
Let's not to compromise upon education, because it's the only weapon to change the world. Government has to tackle this issue much quickly as its possible. We students will not bear further holidays,Neither students nor teachers wants to live further in obscurity. In short, without education there exists only obscurity.