Massive damage done

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Osama bin Asim
What was feared and apprehended has happened. National institution PNCA has been deprived out of its art works collected over the years of as many as 10 paintings and prints of internationally- acknowledged artist Anwar Jalal Shemza which have been quite stealthily handed over to his so-called heirs. The art works worth millions of dollars in the international market have been handed over to a  lady by the PNCA high ups who appeared to be in a somewhat hurry to accomplish the task without caring for the national interests being so hurt. The art works were with the PNCA in its Permanent Collection since 1985 when these were borrowed from the family following demise of Anwar Jalal
to such an extra-ordinary step, instead of convincing the heirs of Anwar Jalal Shemza to let his art works bremain with the PNCA for the benefit of artists community as well as the art lovers, the incumbent lady DG has opened a pandora box . Citing this not so appreciable step, the living artists or heirs of deceased artists whose art works are in with the PNCA may now start claiming back the paintings and other art works one after the other. The lady DG should preferably have followed the policy of her predecessors
of keeping the matter in abeyance instead of succumbing to the invisible pressure from the vested interests including some big names of the country’s art circles. Some days back, this scribe had requested for urgent intervention of the prime minister to prevent this impending massive damage but none from the Prime Minister’s Secretariat had somehow bothered to take notice of this development and save the national art treasure being withered away and averted impending massive damage, please.

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