Respect of Muharram Muharram (Arabic word) is the first month of Islamic calendar


Mohammad Khan Shahani
The general meaning of adjective Muharram is mean Banned,barred,forbidden,illigel,illicit and include muharram. It is well known because of historical significance and mourning for the murder of Hussain as ibn Ali the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad SAW ,Shias begin mourning from the first night of Muharram and continue for the tenth nights climaxing on the tenth of Muharram known as the day of Ashura. Muharram is not festival to celebrate. It is the first month in the Islamic calender where Muslim's like Shia begin mourning and beating from the first night of Muharram and continue for ten nights. Tenth
night of Muharram known as the day of Ashura and that's the major reason some Muslim's do not mourn in the Muharram. Some Muslim's keep fast during day hours on the ninth and tenth or tenth and eleventh days on the month. Imam Hussain as ibn Ali as the grandson of Hazrat Muhammad SAW and the third Imam of Shia community was killed in the battle of Karbala in 680 A.D The mourning of Muharram also known as the remembrance of Muharram or Muharram observance is a set of commemoration rituals observed by Shia Muslims, The commemoration falls in Muharram . The mourning period starts on the first day of Muharram and lasts for the tenth days until the death day of
Imam Hussain as. The mourn on putting black clothes,observing,abstinence,fasting and then they break their fast on the day of Ashura the Tenth day. If you cannot the respect of Shia at least respect Muharram ,stop making memes on Muharram These are the days of sorrow. It does not matter tobe a Shia or sunni to fell Ghum e Hussain.