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Crimes of city ShikarpurI would like to draw the attention of conscend, authorities that once again peace has been ruined in city shikarpur, a number of bike robbers and mobile snatchers has been increased day by day. people feel unsecure and uncomfortable in the existence of police.The most common problem is that the robbery of bikes mobiles snatchers and street crimes have become common because of the above reasons that are mentioned. Therefore, it is requested to SSP kamran Nawaz and DIG larkana Irfan Ali baloch that kindly, provide peace and security to city shikarpur so that these kinds
of activities will not happen in coming time again……Ibrar Habibullah BrohiUnwanted Loadsheding in Larkana! Since many days SEPCO is doing unwanted loadsheding in Larkana. First they used to do 6 hours loadsheding in a day but now they are doing 10 to 12 hours loadsheding in a day. In this hot summer it has become very deficult for everyone to live with out light. Not everyone have gernetor or solar facility at their homes and shops. Unwanted loadsheding is giving great loss to business community as well. So
it is requested to concerd authorities to pay some attention upon this.Anthony Sahotra Yes only time got changed .The corrupt, monopolistic, elitist system of any country which favoures corruption over democracy, falsehood over truth would never bring any change favourable to the poor and the weak. The system based on inequality , nepotism and corruption has no capacity to deliver and it needs to be rooted out in order to ensure a safe future for the sake its people. What has changed since independence? If anything, the changes seem to be driving the people faster and further into a dark hole of corruption, devastation and destruction. In the 74-year history, many politicians, economists came,
sympathizers, welfares and social services vendors came, rulers came, dictators came but no one could understand the problems faced by the country so as to give give some way out . Problems grew with each passing government. Hopes of change have faded. Indeed, hopes have been extinguished. When we blindly adopt a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons. we cease to grow. Wait for revolution or miracle. Zahoor Abbas SamoShould girls get educationMy cause for concern is should girls get education? Let me explain girls education: you know that girl education is most important in all over the world. Girls develops our society and nation. Girls education improve their talents in the world.
By education they can defeat other challenges. A recent study found that girls should get education. it is rightly said that "If you educate a woman means you educate a generation". Girls education is the most important in any society because today a girl be a educated than she will educate her children and teach her relatives. In our society girls are not allowed to go to schools but we will try to improve our society.
It is my dream my society will be better than other's societies. Finally I'd like to say that there should be a sperate school, college, and University for girls. Their family should allow them to get education. Fida Basheer SajidiMental developmentThe schooling period of a child is the appropriate time for developing positive character traits required to be a responsible adult. For this reason perhaps from time immemorial, the wise people always set the thumb rule to build a stronly-bonded three-tier relationship among the teachers, students and parents. If the bond of this "triangular relationship" becomes weak, the main purpose of value-added education is defeated. In the present day scenario, it is disheartening that the triangular relationship has broken in some cases, the result being the derailment of some children from the desired track. In general view, the parent should take responsibility first if a child gets derailed from the right track.

-Shabir Jamali

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