International Youth Day


Youth Day commemorates the Soweto uprising which is celebrated on 12th August every year . The purpose of this day is to highlight the issues of youth , their career aim, their well-intentioned characteristics and how they recommend to win It fundalmantally took place on 16 June 1976. On youth day South Africans pay tributes to the lives of these students and recognises the role of youth in the liberation of South Africa from the aparteid regime. The theme of the youth day is just the youth engagement for global action purposes at the local, national or international lives. Youth day is very
essential especially for the improvements of youth lives how they secure from a crisis. Often when you listen my own biography you really feel astonished how the youth society is surviving in the vast world . Neither they keep free will nor they work for . So that's quite your own foolishness . As they gave not tried to learn from a quick learner and a special teacher. I optimise the way people expresses the youth would constantly follow.