Overseas Pakistanis have always been sincere with Pakistan: Javed Malik

Rawalpindi:   (Parliament Times)  Addressing the UK Pakistan Investment Conference, Chairman UK Pakistan Business Council Javed Malik said that Overseas Pakistanis have always been sincere with Pakistan in all respects and their services have always been at the service of Pakistan.  Be it the department or anyone else, whenever Pakistan needs Overseas Pakistanis, Overseas has always been on the front page and made all kinds of sacrifices.  He said the UK Pakistan Business Council would do its utmost to ensure investment in Pakistan and all businesses, be they from the UK, Pakistan or any other country in the world, would work together and establish business ties.  Increase and lead to development for Pakistan.  Javed Malik, Chairman, UK Pakistan Business Council, also said that following the UK’s withdrawal from Europe, the UK was currently considering expanding business ties with all Commonwealth countries and saw this as a significant opportunity for us to  Strengthen bilateral relationship.

Javed Malik said that he requested the Governor of Sindh and Spokesperson to the Prime Minister of Pakistan Sahibzada Jahangir to consider this issue as well and take the UK and overseas business community with them on these issues.  Speaking at the Pakistan High Commission in London, Shafiq Shehzad, Minister for Trade and Investment, said that the situation in the world is in front of all of you, especially after the failure of the countries of the world are suffering from economic crisis and many countries  They have failed to overcome the crisis.  Shafiq Shehzad said that this is an opportunity for all of us to think and work together in this regard. He said that the UK-Pakistan Business Council and all the organizations that work together to not only our  The economy can be improved and investment in Pakistan can be ensured. Minister of Trade and Investment Pakistan High Commission London Shafiq Shehzad said that many new sectors and sectors have emerged in which we have increased Pakistan’s exports.  At the beginning of the event, President UK Pakistan Business Council UK Chapter Saleem Sheikh not only welcomed all the participants in the conference but also the plate.  The farm assured all possible business support and said that we will continue to strive for the improvement and prosperity of all of you in the business and continue to offer such programs at your service which will enable us to  Not only each other’s countries but also each other’s businesses  “I welcome all the businessmen from all over the world to the UK-Pakistan Business Council and I hope that together we can play an important role in the development and prosperity of Pakistan,” said Saleem Sheikh.  At the end of the event, Khursheed Barlas, President, UK Pakistan Business Council Pakistan Chapter, thanked all the speakers and businesswomen from all over the world for participating and said that such programs are still at the service of the people.  We will continue to go and very soon we will hold a conference on investing within Pakistan and promoting each other’s business which has already started and very soon gave the good news to the overseas Pakistani business community.  Will go and welcome business communities from all over the world to attend this conference.

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