We gain independence but our education system doesn’t


Syeda Rubab Naqvi
The educational system that prevails today in our country is the creation of the foreigners who ruled over us. It is our heritage from the British and the legacy of our past. The greatest day in the educational history of this subcontinent was that when Lord Macaulay submitted his proposal to the British Government for the introduction of the western educational system on British lines in India. For this purpose, Macaulay enjoyed the support of some prominent Indians and his scheme was immediately accepted and enforced by the British authorities. The educational system which was then sets up gradually started to be accepted by the natives and during the course of the nineteenth and the first half
of the twentieth century it was expanded widely. There is no doubt that this system of education has resulted in great benefits, because it has pulled the nation out of the morass of ignorance and darkness. It helped them to shed away conservative and antiquated motions and adopt progressive way. It has produced man of brilliance and intelligence who made their marks in the world. In spite of producing men of extraordinary brilliance the one great effect is that this system suffered extremely theoretical. It
made a man educated but not fit for the practical life. Due to this attitude of the British government the educational system was devoid of any moral purpose. Our school start with the type of education that does not help for the building of character,. We cannot accept this in our independent existence. The affect of the education is imparted so long in our country had most evil affect. The education we received so long had no national base, we were attracted towards the western culture which is detrimental to our growth we can’t borrow any culture from outside, we have tradition and culture superior to them and older than those people in Europe by attracting us towards these outside we were
made dependent in every respect. State has failed to implement uniformed education system all through the country and as a result, we see mushrooming growth of educational institutions beyond the purview of the state policies. It is sad and tragic to note that our education system is creating divides, injustice and inequality in the society instead of acting as a catalyst for unification of the society. The characterless education could not be persuade in our independent state, hence there was always the
desire in Pakistan to change the system but it was not so easy to break with the past so soon Education has become a business; it is no longer about the students or the teachers. Standardized testing reduces a student into a test score rather than a person of value and individuality. Education has divested young adults of their voices, and maybe that is why we cannot speak up for ourselves anymore. . Attempts were made to change the system but still the educational structure fail to meet the requirement of the new nation. It is for this reason that the cry is heard that our educational system needs a reorientation
and change.