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Muhammad Shoaib Khan
Nature is an important part of human and animal’s life. These natural things are not made today. This nature has existed even before the birth of man. It is the great blessings for human life. Nature has been an inspiration for lots of poets, writers, artists etc. Nature is everything we are surrounded by like water we drink, air, sun, birds, animal, moon, mountains, forests and more. Everything has her own value all things that we see in surrounding that is God gifted. No human can ability to make this kind of things the
god gift a lot of beautiful nature for human. How thankful the servant is to see these things. Every natural thing play an important role in the life of human if we talk about forest they create oxygen for human. If in this world they have no forests. there is possibility to no human take oxygen. The Amazon forest creates more than 20% of the world oxygen is produced. In the days of lockdown, the outside environment has become much cleaner and better for human health. Many factories, industries and
companies have closed down due to which the environment was polluted and smoke was rising in the atmosphere. Industries are working to meet the needs of human beings to fulfill their desires because human desires are more so over time the desires and needs increase and he needs things accordingly.
The taste need wants everything will change time by time and always doing something new the human can always use her mind how they can use the natural things. Wood is used in making paper, furniture, wooden houses and many other things. If we talk about water, water is a huge and important part of our lives. No human being can survive without water. Because human life is connected with water. If he does not drink water, he will die many lives live underwater. Many kinds of fish and many kinds of other animals live in the water. There are many animals that breathe on land and there are animals that can
live underwater. And there are some animals that can survive both on the water and in nature outside. Each animal has a different beauty and a different identity If we talk about vegetables and fruits. Allah Almighty has given many fruits and vegetables. Some fruits grow above the ground and some fruits grow below the ground. Those vegetables grow inside the ground and many vegetables grow above the ground. And there are many vegetables in nature that have not yet reached man. And everything has a
different identity and a false beauty. And if we talk about mountains, there are many different mountains in the world. There are many mountains in the world, some of them are green and some are not And Allah has hidden many things between the mountains, like coal being extracted from a mountain and gold being extracted. As petrol is extracted from the land in Arab countries and every country in the world has a different season. There are many countries where it is very cold and there are many countries where it is hot and Australia and New Zealand are countries where it is hot all over the
world, it is winter when Australia and New Zealand. When I get cold, it is hot all over the world.

(-The writer is a student of BBA in an international Islamic university.)

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