Solve tiny crises of Gwader


Arsalan Sayad
By revealing the created or edited photos and videos of Gwader to the public of the country, will not change the reality of interior of Gwader. By sweeping the boundaries of roads and having temporary lights on roads will not ensure the people to be in suitable conditions. By capturing the photos of sea shores and beaches will not mutate the people to magnify the power of thinking and abide happily and peacefully. In fact, the precious lives in Gwader are deprived of fresh water. They are lossing theirs life as a result of shortage of pure water in Gwader. They are purchasing water of tanks which are brought
from nearby dams and those cost three thousands per tanks. Why don't you solve the water issue? Which is a essential crisis, the people of Gwader are suffering from. Gwader is surrounded with sea water, if you are a caring adminstration then filter this water and generate pure water for public welfare. You are interested in construction and development of Gwader but you don’t have ideas that Gwader needs drinking water instead of lights, beautiful parks and creation of one side road. The roads in Bazar of Gwader are broken and need reconstruction. The time of rain comes, then water of rain will
come on roads then there would not be alternatives of passing through it. You are compelled to enter in rain water and sewages to go ahead. So that we request the local adminstration and government to find a way which can help the people of Gwader to proceed their lives.