Students fees controversy



Muhammad Aftab Khan
Today, in the era of technology, education has become a basic need and right for every individual either man or woman. But unfortunately, it has become a nightmare for the poor students in Pakistan and many other countries as the maximum number of their parents are daily wagers. Due to the impact of lockdown, they are not able to pay the fees even the basic needs are not fulfilled by them. In these circumstances, universities in Pakistan are demanding full semester fees without proper facilities of internet services, computer equipment and broad brand access. The charges of sports, libraries and hostels are also being taken by universities even the students are at home. Less fortunate students (who
cannot afford laptop or Wi-Fi 4G) are also warned by universities to submit the fees before the due date.
Students of hostels are also angry on having to pay rent of empty rooms. Students from rural areas couldn’t get adequate teaching online. Similarly, Private teachers have also the same issue, they are also struggling with parents but the financial conditions of parents are worse than the teachers of private institutions. If these situations remain same, it seems that the students could force universities to take action. There is no denying in the fact that the virus has effected all the colleges and universities of Pakistan and rest of the world. But Apart from the world, Pakistan has faced immense number of issues
including the quality of education because of the poor internet service that is not rehabilitated by the government in Azad Kashmir and many other rural areas. Here the government is expected by the students to release them from the burden of heavy dues that are laid down upon them. By doing this , students might be able to purchase laptops and smart phones to sustain their online classes.

In this way they will be able to continue their studies in this situation and the world would not have to bear the Loss of the future of generations.


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