Declining Politics and Civil Society

Malik Muhammad Aslam Awan
Politics in Pakistan is a most cursed and maligned subject. The underlying reason is dilapidated norms of Politicians. Being virtuous, upright and sincere is the cardinal feature of every arena of life and same is the core principle of politics. But unfortunately after the creation of Pakistan, those who posed themselves as politicians were devoid of human traits and their selfishness staved off the ship of state and the ship went rudderless, without goals and destination to be arrived at. Selfishness has a
destroying effect on the whole civil society. Politicians had drawing room meetings with each other and in these behind the curtain meetings made planning and devised ways and means maneuvering to illegally snatch power from the then existing clique in power corridors. Societies based on principles of equitable norms, Justice, fair play, forbearance honesty had formidable foundation to stay for long and move rapidly to achieve goals of accelerated prosperity, harmony, peace and tranquillity. Honest Politicians are a guarantee of civilized society, Justice and peacefulness. Crooked politicians have overturned the whole strata of civil society. It is a dilemma with Pakistan that the decoits have worn mantle of leaders but in reality they are enemies of civil society as well as of the country. When we recall the democratic system, we always refer to UK and USA. Politicians of these two countries come forward to hold the reins of state, only to serve, not to fulfil their vested interests. Pakistan is a country where politicians spend 50 to 100 million in their elections and after having won the seat first satiate and replenish their thirst and from beginning to end leave no stone unturned to benefit out of shabby resources of the country. Analysing the politics of Pakistan one would have to face disappointment, since the freedom of Pakistan, we cannot refer to a single politician, who proved his mettle and earned
the title of dead honest politician. After Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Quaid-e-Millat Liaqat Ali Khan Pakistan had not the honour of having a single honest leader. Fearlessness is the outstanding trait of an honest leader but selfishness make leader, compromising and bowing before pressures of disgruntled elements. Fearless, honest leaders make nations move forward with undaunted zeal and fervor and achieve national goals even at the cost of their life. Life has no other meanings, motives but
to earn the Will and Blessings of Allah Almighty. Those who lost their life in the way to earn the pleasure, blessings of Allah Almighty have a great reward, one can dream, and called martyres. A large chunk of civil society is involved in different criminal activities, i.e. a shopkeeper is over charging and selling substandard commodities, which are harmful to public health. In same way milk sellers are
involved in preparing chemical milk, fatal to the health of users. Vendors are also following same practice. A large number of government servants are involved in making embezzlement in national exchequer. Almost all departments make tendering and promoting the practice of embezzlement and foul play in awarding contracts. In same way government contractors execute sub-standard work, having life less than one year which is a dilemma with the civil society. It has been observed and experienced that 1/10 is spent on construction work and 9/10 is distributed between the supervisory officers, Engineers, SDOs – XEN’s and a large portion goes to the vault of MNA, MPA, in whose name
funds are released to build roads, buildings and other infrastructure. Even Police department, which has been established by Hazrat Umar (R.A) for maintaining law and order amongst citizens has been made a tool in the hands of politicians to liquidate their political opponents, to make the writ of law null and void and establish the writ of their own hegemony while implementing the whims and wishes, the police officers, cross the limits of law and make embezzlement in the police funds. None has the guts to unearth, rake out and highlight the police scams. If a Journalist or patriotic citizen will exhibit the mettle his existence will be in high risk because the police gang may make assassination attempt on his life or implicate him innumerous false, baseless and vexatious cases to make his life a bed of thorns. To sum up the system is so rotten and fatigued that it will take long cumbersome struggle to bring reforms to the benefit of common citizen. Synopsis of the above malpractices of politicians and civil society reveal that politicians as well as a large part of civil society is responsible for the decline of politics and civil society. We will have to make hectic efforts to execute a change in civil society and for the fulfillment of this sacred mission, Justice and police system require a radical changes, to award stringent punishments to those involved in criminal, social offences, irrespective of the consideration of their political affiliation.

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