Why not schools and other educational institutes?


Parvez Moula Bakhsh
There is no denying fact that world has suffered ( actually still suffering) from the deadly virus,
coronavirus, as well as it caused a huge number of problems and losses on the economics of every
country on this planet and There was a long-term lockdown in the world.
On the other hand, The youth who are the strength and future of any nation are suffering from it and we, the students have lost four
months in our learning careers because every learning institute remained closed for almost 4 months.
Due to this many of us even didn’t checked inside our books and school, colleges or university task
sheets because we no these are useless without a teacher and a guider. Of course, There is an
opportunity to continue our studies which is attending online classes but it needs immense things which
98% students don't have completely as a silent room, full internet access and its package too and there
are abundance of complaints about it. With the passage of time, every thing started to get better but
still there is no improvement in educational Academies because still the schools, colleges, universities
and other educational institutions are not being reopen. You can hear the same question by every single
student that If companies, festivals, markets can be reopened as well as there can be walking, having
fun, partying, going to work then why can't reading places be opened by taking precautionary
measurements? Everyone knows that reading is very important and stopping it is very harmful whether
it is for 4 days or 6 months. We, the students, face any shortcomings about anything, but we don't bear
anything wrong about our studies, no matter how great the compulsions are.


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