The uncertain wait


Arsalan Sayad
Absence from whom we love is worse than death, and frustrates hope severer than despair". Dr Deen
Mohammad, who was abducted in Balochistan district of khuzdar by armed people using lethal forces, is
missing prolonged. He was on night duty at a hospital in his native residency. His disappearance reached
to completion of 11th years, since 28th June 2009. But the prognostication of his forthwith release, is
not expect to be sure. Family of the victim, has no pleasant ideas regarding his whereabouts and they
are despondently break within. Continuously, they have visited to high courts and many other official
places, for Dr Deens' safe return. But, there seems no changes yet. Sammi and Mehlab, the daughters of

Dr Deen Mohammad, dwelled and camped in front of press clubs in Quetta and Islamabad and they had
had hunger strike camps. They represented the case of their father in different courts. Nothing has
worked. And now they are marking the continuous anniversary of their father disappearance. In fact, the
daughters had abandoned their educations and their time of joys since Dr Deen went missing
accidentally. Their dreams become undone when he went disappear. They, just, have not lost a father,
but they have lost an entire family, a home, an enormous leader, a superhero, a father of three
daughters, and an accountable husband of a wife. Besides this, they have no ideas that why their father
was picked up without any ensue. This mortal act will throw the family of Dr Deen Mohammad in wrath
and the disappear of him, has released more depression. "We were little girls when our father
disappear; I was 10 and my sister eight years old. Now we are young women, still waiting for his return",
directed by Sammi Baloch while addressing her father issue. If he did illegitimate and misbehave
actions, then bring him in court and highlight his sins. Absolutely he will be punish if he did wrong. Why
you are torturing his family?We, therefore, demand a safe return of Dr Deen Mohammad from
government and local authorities. This actual serious issue needs huge consider to be solved as soon as