An icon of 4th generation new age resistance


Dr. Waleed Rasool
It is evident that 195 states are existing on the map of the globe as independent states and 193 are UN
member nations. They all used to be occupied and enslaved by a powerful one in the course of history.
Furthermore, it had never happened in contemporary or ancient history that there used to be parity
between aggressor and aggressed, the same is the situation of Kashmir against India vis-à-vis South
Asian hegemon India was slave till 1945. It is not a hidden secret that the aggressor uses the instrument
of hard power. The logical result of the use of state military machines is that it inflicts heavy dent on
masses to maintain status que for keeping its masses enslaved, once territory is occupied. However,
despite the maximum deployment of Indian forces in Kashmir the struggle to breathe in an independent
environment had never over but it always survived through various crests and troughs. The resistance
kept continued, though the gravity of pain inflicted by the Indian war machine since 1989 in Kashmir has
reached the maximum degree on 5th August 2019. The aggressor always relies upon the hard power
while keeping the strategical goals into consideration however, predictions are always calculated on the
tactical gains. The killing of the Burhan was Indian tactical gain quantitively but his martyrdom worked
as a trigger which was not predicted by strategic thinkers of India because they have never stopped the
killing of Kashmiris. The killing of Burhan Wani opened the lid of the pressure and provided new imputes
to the freedom struggle. It is a mega example that during the conflict the indicators keep changing and
any situation tilts the plan at 90-degree same situation aroused in 2008, 2010, and 2012. The killing of
the Burhan Wani by Indian forces on 8th July 2016 proved catalyst to the new age of the resistance. It
proved otherwise, that all claims and counter-claims of the Indian military establishment powered by
Modi- media that resistance against India occupation had died down and Kashmiris are now exhausted
due to long spell of killing by Indian occupational machine. In post martyrdom of Wani, the struggle for
the right to self-determination had entered in the 7th decade while the 5th generation of Kashmiri is in
paly. It pretends to mention here the statement of Shah Faisal an Ex. IAS officer rightly mentioned
that “Four generations of the Kashmir had been deceived by India on hollow slogans by managing the
conflict instead of resolving it”. The young generation of the Kashmir is now the true driver and the
representative of the resistance vis—vis this is continuity of new age of resistance who are more
determined, devoted and full of conviction because they have been born during the crackdown and in
the roar of state terrorism. The young generation of the Kashmir is indeed inspired by the remarkable
role of Wani He is the hero of the current phase of right to self -determination in which highly qualified
youth are rendering huge sacrifices. His legacy will keep continued because he will live as a legend for
the coming generations. He was innocent and simple though the counterclaims of the Indian forces are
routine to get the license of killing. A lot of the resistance literature and the resistance poetry has been
written upon his contribution to injecting fresh oxygen in the movement of the right to self-
determination. Wanis message is loud and clear that when space is shrunken by occupational forces, it is
hatred against occupation which drives the movement though one is empty-handed. He has faced the
wrath of Indian humiliation along with his family. Every freedom struggle inflicts huge cost, however,
life, still, remains precious but right to live and carry struggle peacefully has no space in Kashmir. He left

a clear message for the occupiers that taking the life of freedom fighter may be a tactical gain for India
but when the movement is buoyed by masses the “martyr” is a big barrier to stretch occupation up to
infinite time than living one. Each killing of India increases the degree of hatred and cements the belief
that Kashmiri has no choice. The killing spree of the young generation of the Kashmir is continued
unabated therefore, the responsibility of those who are free from the clutches of slavery increases
multi-folds. Today's message is that we shall utilize our freedom to unchain the occupation of Kashmir
occupied by Indian. In the digital era, we can make our little contribution by representing the pain
through the press, electronic and social media especially providing the true side of the story of every
column generated by Indian media.