Industrialists demand to postpone annual elections for 2020-21



Karachi:   (Parliament Times)   North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry (NKATI) has demanded to the Director General of the Trade Organization (DGTO) to postpone the annual trade body elections for 2020-21 for one year in view of the spread of the corona epidemic and extend the term of the existing office bearers.

In a letter to the DGTO, NKATI said that the country is currently facing a serious situation due to COVID-19 and the rapid increase in the number of the patients poses a serious threat to human lives as well as It has devastating effects on trade and industry.

“The country is suffering from an extremely deadly epidemic corona virus, affecting all economic activities, along with this, business activities have also been affected so gathering more people to vote in the election means inviting the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic while industrialists of North Karachi Industrial Area are very upset over this situation”, NKATI further said in a letter.

NKATI said that in light of evolving situation of the spread of COVID-19 around the whole Country and its impact on masses it has become impossible to commence elections this year. The Sindh government has also advised the masses to stop gathering for prevention the spread of COVID-19.

NKATI demanded to DGTO in view of all these facts, to postponed the annual election for the year 2020-21 till one year and also extend the term of the existing office bearers.