Letter to the editor


Online classes due to the pandemic, we have recently started taking online classes through Zoom. There
are various issues to be tackled for a successful and effective online class. Although Zoom meetings
allow sessions of forty minutes for free, class duration in most universities is often more than forty
minutes. As a result, the university should ensure that all accounts used for classes are upgraded to
premium, so as to avoid any disruptions. Our class duration is one and half hour, during this time many
student’s internet connections cause them to get disconnected and miss out on valuable information.
Many students also face an issue with initially connecting. Universities should ensure that they have their
own online learning programs or systems in place to tackle such a situation. Some students from remote
areas are actually without internet facilities. Some of them who want to take classes are even moving to
bigger cities to avail such an option. The HEC and other relevant authorities should take immediate
notice to provide students with the best possible means to ensure that they receive quality education and
continue to learn during these trying times .Saqib Ishaq A great host Tariq Aziz, the man who could write
music originating from the heart and the soul. His exquisite voice making him unique among his

colleagues, enthralling and enchanting audiences. He was primarily famous due to repute as a one man
show, improvising on stages with his delightful sense of humor. Born on April 28, 1936 in Jalandhar,
British India, he belonged to the Arai family of Jalandhar. His father, Mian Abdul Aziz, migrated to
Pakistan in 1947. Aziz received his early education in Sahiwal and then started his professional life with
Radio Pakistan Lahore. When Pakistani Television began in 1964, Tariq Aziz was the first male
announcer of PTV. His stage show, Neelaam Ghar (Auction House), which started in 1975, took Aziz to
stardom, later being renamed as the Bazmi Tariq Aziz Show. Tariq Aziz was an all-round personality,
starring in films, as well as radio and television programs. His film debut was in Insanity in 1967, which
garnered critical acclaim. His other famous films include Birthday, Kass of the Time, Katari, Chirag
Kahan Roshni Kahan, and Har Gaya Man. He had received many awards for his artistic services and
timeless contributions to his field and was also awarded the Medal of Excellence by the Government of
Pakistan in 1992. Tariq Aziz also participated in politics and was elected as a member of the National
Assembly in 1997. In his will, he wrote that all his assets be distributed to the people of Pakistan, so that
they may benefit from all that he had accomplished, for he was always there to please the Pakistani
people.Waseemullah Sangi An appealWe are the retirees of the National Bank of Pakistan. The bank
had made different formulas in pension rules for retired employees. This application of rules had divided
the retirees into various categories having the same cadre of their service, resulting in a number of
anomalies. One class of the retirees association had lodged a case for an increase in the pension
formula from 10 percent to 70 percent in the Honorable High Court Lahore. The courts decided the case
in favor of retirees under category one. The bank lodged an appeal which was declined. In order to
stretch the case, the bank lodged a review appeal in the court, which has so far not been finalized and
the bank is still paying millions to the council. As such, we appeal to the worthy Chief Justice Of Pakistan
to look into the matter and help those miserable retired employees who find themselves in great need of
financial assistance. It is requested that category wise disbursement be taken into account if possible,
with those from the first category placed at the highest importance.Mahmood Ahmad MinhasBasic needs
for village Chinjani in the modern eraVillage Chinjani of Taluka Johi is one of the oldest villages in
Pakistan. It consists of more than one hundred houses with a population of 800 people. Since the
creation of Pakistan, no public representative from the democratic governments we have had has
proposed development schemes for the inhabitants of Chinjani. The villagers have always played a role
in politics within local constituencies by voting for democratic political parties during election seasons.
Ignorance by the elected public representatives of the constituency reveals their un-democratic attitude
to the village and their people, who are entitled to a form of treatment received by the rest of the citizens
in Pakistan. As per the fundamental rights envisaged under Chapter I of the Constitution of the Islamic
Republic of Pakistan, every citizen of the homeland is entitled to equal treatment, but there seems to be
widespread discrimination across the country, with the inhabitants of Chinjani being subject to it as

-Zain Khoso