Kashmir: Power of the pain in practice


Dr. Waleed Rasool
History of human beings is testimony that who so ever struggled to be free from the clutches of
occupation used to be shabby in terms of manpower and resources. Furthermore, it is also a bitter reality

that occupier gears up all resources including the hard power to dominate when the use of the soft
means failed to yield desired results as in the case of Kashmir since 1989 and continues to be
ungovernable by India. India policy is realist rational, whereas morality used to be compromised with
interests otherwise human rights as the principle of Magna Carta followed by League of nations to UN
and Washington declaration must have prevented India from aggression when more than 110,000
Kashmisi got killed while as 9000 Kashmiris are lodged in various interrogation centers and Jails of India.
It is an instinct of the occupier to dominate aggressively therefore, we have to deal with India as she is,
instead what we want to see her.. This characteristic is make-up of all living creature, however, an
ecosystem is still intact among all creatures including the social animal with their interpretations,
therefore, scuffle to dominate the other human beings will never end. The morality will remain
subservient to the power but ultimately the resilience triumphs because it is powered with pain by the
passage of time when conflict stretches. The instinct of the domination of the human race over inferior
one is more callous and robust with the dialectical use of Kinetic and non-kinetic forces in the powerplay
with the passage of evolution. The Charles Darwin’s doctrine of the survival of the fittest is more
applicable to the human race than animals because the wild beasts have limitations to dominate with
relation to the physical requirement, they don’t heart unnecessarily until the stomach is satisfied,
however, there are no limitations of the domination in the social animal over another one particularly in
Iok where India had crossed all limits of the wild beast also. We argue that even if power controls and
dominates sometimes either partially or completely but there is some hidden aspect which brings back
weaker ones to sustain and prevail even if contained in the conflict theater. We focus that pain inflicted
by powerful by bringing in play both kinetic and non-kinetic force in the theatre don’t vanish but augments
resolve in the long run. We argue that pain cannot be neutralized by force. It is the minimum common
ground for unity among all stakeholders amid of polarization, though powerful have superiority in all
domains Despite the fact, there are multiple factors when the maximum pain is inflicted by an aggressor
with greater gravity of pain intensifies the degree of hatred against the enemy, though 2020. Sheikh
Waleed Rasool aggressed goes in dormant phase in intervals or for some unlimited period. This period
sometimes stretches to decades or centuries. The pain inflicted by the aggressor is quantified in stake
which makes one stakeholder of the overall objective because physically he has nothing in hand except
the miseries and agonies, therefore, more the sacrifice in terms of physical, relatives and kith’s and kins
killed or property and other assets damaged more is the stake. The pain is the catalyst that intensifies
hatred hence more the hatred more is the resolve is a proven variable in every conflict. To transform this
pain in the power has multiple variables associated but we argue that the pain is the main asset upon
which our argument is vowed upon in contemporary situations because any and every other factor to
survive are under severe stress. After all, power snatches every aspect of life like India in her occupied
part of Kashmir. The aggressor cannot make progress without inflicting pain, therefore, domination
continues till it reaches the ultimate phase of precipitation. The pain is an asset having utility because it
is the natural outcome when one is being martyred while the enemy quantifies her progress in terms of
the physical damage. Kashmir is a sad saga of the pain and agony since 1989. Four generations are
consumed and 5 th is in play, Hegmon India has control over any and every narrative besides having
leverage on the ground in terms of the hard power because having enough kinetic and non-kinetic forces
on the ground to dilute the legally justified movement of the right to self-determination. Her huge
population is her mega consumer market and leverage to lure the global powers which give her the
advantage to keep sane international inert. The burning question is what are the levers in hands of the
victim; generally, in post 5 th August when she scrapped unilaterally and illegally the special status of
Kashmir guaranteed under article 370 and 35/A and particularly is post corona-19 pandemic. It gave
Indian extra teeth to conceal the gross human rights violations, She launched the all-time high offensive
in Nawa kadal Srinagar, Lolab and Rebban Shopian to kill 38 freedom fighters. Indian force's
current modus-operandi and drive are more lethal and brutal. She set ablaze 88 houses in three
residential areas more after they don’t return the remains of the Kashmiris and buries them in unknown
places. It intensifies the gravity of pain multifold particularly of those who are stakeholders. The pain is
the lone catalyst of victims as non-kinetic power which is common in Kashmir and the icon of the stake.
Pain keeps alive and who so ever cracked the clutches of slavery so for, in contemporary history, the
aggressor used to be powerful but the presence of 194 independent states in the map of the world
speaks volumes that resolve triumphed over aggressive kinetic forces even India itself from a colonial
power who declared Subash Chander Bose, Mangal Panday, Baghat Sigh as terrorists. he sustenance
of the struggle at this stage is vital because India had crossed all limits of aggression during a global
pandemic. The Kashmiris diaspora had the potential to play a role.1) Answer any and every article on
the web while loading the brutalities.2). Correct the perceptions and misperceptions build by the
Jinguistic nuclear nationalistic media of India 3) Represent the pain, not any group, and be updated what
is trading about Kashmir in Indian media.4)Show your positive presence with the logical argument
because it matters.5) Induct the coming generation in fields of electro-magnetic, space, and cyber
technology is an innovative way to transform the pain in power.