Resistance is life


Kamran Mahar
Resistance is the name of life Many writers have written but I read but I do not believe that resistance is
real life. I also don,t understand how is life. But a few days ago, in the Dunk area of Turbat, some
thieves broke into the house of a man named Jasim Baloch in one night and broke into the house.A
Baloch mother named Malik Naz bravely resisted and caught the thief. The thief did not know that there
was such a Baloch mother in this house. Not only do we face failure but we are notorious wherever we
are. Have gone When the thief saw that Malik Naz was such a brave woman. When we were killed

by our gun, we lost consciousness and sniffed Malik Naz and martyred him. With his brave resistance,
Malik Naz sent a message to less conscious people like me that resistance is life. Malik Naz was brave.
Before he was martyred, we did not know that there was a Baloch mother named Malik Naz in the Dink
area of Turbat. When he got the status of martyrdom by resisting the cowardly thieves for the sake
of his honor and wealth, then we came to know that there is indeed resistance in life. That resistance is
life. These people all over the world are proud of Maliknaz's resistance. Malik Naz taught us that
resistance is life. Before Malik Naz resistance, wife of Aslam Baloch. Baloch Qaum Fakhr had put her
hands on her head to resist her dead liver and prayed, Sit down, resist me, and revive my nation.
Because of life without resistance. It does not happen These two Baloch mothers conveyed the message
to the less conscious like me that resistance is life. If resistance is not life, then not every Baloch mother
today would send her son to resistance.