PTI & it’s policies-I


Kamran Mahar
Political leaders elicit sympathy from public through the execution of heightened rhetorics and
extravagant promises. And after getting what they want, they just simply forget and take a u-turn from
what they promised to do so.Same like this, Pti too, followed the footprints of erstwhile governing
parties in breaking its own made promises. The vows that Imran Khan and other pti leaders made to
bring Change in the lives of people, lost their credibility when tehrek-e-insaf came into power and
blamed the previous government of bequeathing a broken economic engine. And altered its vision from
change in lives to change in promises. There vows to ameliorate the conditions of poor sections of
society stood vitiated by surplus increase in inflation rates. Prices of gold, petroleum, sugar, and all
other things of daily use skyrocketed in the early months of PTI government. And continued to gradually
increase. The poors were left to suffer. Heavy taxes on goods and services of local usage was back-
breaking for the poor. And Pti’s slogan of Change was missed somewhere in the clouds of blame-game.
Five million houses, ten million jobs and all others are proving to be just empty promises made to gain
mass support. Austerity drive which attracted huge praise and admiration in its early days, soon began
to lose its effectiveness .It was declared that the prime minister house will be converted into a university
as a part of austerity drive. But that promise failed to get any viable shape. Prime Minister Imran Khan
helicopter controversy also contributed in determining his lack of seriousness to austerity drive. Known
to all, corruption has been the bane of our country since its inception. Ironically, it is only the process of
accountability that is being persuaded with the same passion and vigor as was promised by the ruling
party .But this pursuance of accountability has drawn negative criticism from the opposition. Opposition
has blamed prime minister Imran khan for taking revenge from its counterparts in the guise of
accountability. However contrary to this, the Issuance of sugar crisis report is, without any doubt, a
commendable step of Prime minister Imran khan. It is a terrible predicament for the governing party to
convict its own stalwart jahangir tareen. As It will be a devastating blow to the party’s reputation. But it
will hold its own value for Imran Khan determination to the cause of wiping out corruption from society.
It is hoped that the blame- game will not act as a deterrent to the process of accountability. Poor
sections of the society can not sustain this burden of surging inflation anymore.