Letter to the editor



Federal Government Stance On Covid-19On 26 February ¹st Case of Covid-19 was unfortunately reported
in Pakistan From till now I personally appreciate Federal Government for actions and reactions of Covid-
19. I observed that opposition haven't any role during this pandemic. They are busy to do thier politics.
My messages to all Pakistani that its a time to stand with our Government as a Pakistani. Otherwise we
couldn't control this pandemic.Hafiza Taskeen ShaukatDr A.Q KhanThis letter is in recognition of Dr
Abdul Qadeer Khan for his efforts in making Pakistan a nuclear state. It was his unwavering attitude
which propelled Pakistan into becoming the seventh nuclear state in the world at the time, and the first
Muslim country to achieve such a feat. On 28 May 1998, Pakistan announced that it had successfully
conducted five nuclear tests. The Pakistani Atomic Energy Commission reported that the tests
conducted on May 28 generated a seismic signal of 5.0 on the Richter scale, with a total yield of up to 40
KT. Dr A.Q. Khan claimed that one device was a boosted fission device and that the other four were sub-

kiloton nuclear devices. On 30 May 1998, Pakistan tested another nuclear warhead with a reported yield
of 12 kilotons.
The tests were conducted in Baluchistan, bringing the total number of claimed tests to six, with another
device reportedly being left un-detonated. Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan should be revered as a national hero.
A metallurgist trained in Germany, Khan brought with him the knowledge of gas centrifuge technologies
that he had acquired via his position at the classified URENCO uranium enrichment plant in the
Netherlands.Pakistan is a force to be dealt with due to its nuclear capabilities. It was India who had
conducted its first nuclear tests, signalling a threat to Pakistan. In response, Pakistan conducted its own
tests only a few days later to make its ability to counter such a threat clear. Then-Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif had addressed the nation on television and stated that the tests by India had made a response
inevitable and that while Pakistan had never wanted to be a part of the nuclear arms race, it would not
allow the world to dictate its actions. The Indian Prime Minister, Atal Behari Vajpayee, said Pakistan’s
action vindicated India’s decision to conduct tests of its own.We must pay tribute and honour our
heroes, such as Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, who made it possible for Pakistan to stand at par with the
superpowers of the world. Mujeeb Ali SamoMake mental health a priorityMore than any other time in
our lives, this pandemic is the most important reason to start making our mental health a priority. I can’t
say it enough; along with all the vitamins, desi totkas and healthy eating, mental health needs to be
understood and paid close attention to, in order to build immunity against this devil called corona.
Pakistan is breaking all records with the number of people being infected on a daily basis and mortality
numbers rising. People are very anxious, getting paranoid, overwhelmed with fear as corona hits home.
It’s very important to understand that we need to nurture our own mental health as well as support the
mental health of people around us. At the moment, speaking from my own experience and what my
clients share with me, everyone is very scared and doing a great job of further scaring others by
constantly re-reminding each other of coronavirus. We do it by informing each other who has tested
positive in our common circles, by constantly sharing information about the disease, its possible
treatment options and the long list of ‘totkas’ on repeat mode.Are we even aware of how it mentally
affects others? To be constantly triggered in a hyperactive state of fear and what it does to the nervous
system? What people don’t understand is that, just like physically our immunity isn’t the same, mentally
our immunity also varies. A repeat of corona preventive measures might be ignored by some, read
carefully by a few but might send others in a panic attack. This last group might be people who always
doubt if they are doing enough and a long list of advice will surely set them up for failure. Also imagine
what is happening to people who are already suffering from OCD (an Obsessive-compulsive Disorder).
Their anxiety levels must be hitting the roof. Recently, we all heard the news of a young guy committing
suicide in the US. Just a few days ago, an Indian actor committed suicide. There are so many people
around us who practice self-harm; they are at suicide risk and silently live through it until they no longer
can. The pandemic has amplified their depression and anxiety as they are locked in for months at end
and triggered again and again with fear of these uncertain times.We have to start being responsible
about our words and actions these days. For example, think for a moment before you forward a
message to your family or friends WhatsApp groups. Ask yourself. Is it helpful to share it? Or am I
repeating what has already been sent many times? Will it contribute to lowering or increasing anxiety

Zara Maqbool