Letter to the Editor



Boycott on online classes The decision taken by Higher Education Commission (HEC) to conduct virtual
classes from 1st june was laudable decision. However HEC needs to consider this fact that it only
benefits some students who are accessible. Most of students studying in public university are poor and
almost everybody posses laptop or mobile but access to internet is another debate. HEC needs to
reconsider this decision.Aisha Lareb Memon Exam policyThese days, the Higher education commission
and its policies have become the center of public attention. All the students have their eyes on
hec's exam policy that has not yet been shared. Students are demanding for the closure of online

classes and promotion of students to the next semester without the conduct of exams. It is very difficult
for HEC to generate such a policy in accordance with the students & demand.As It has earlier declared
that promotion of students without exams is out of question. HEC should adhere to problems faced by
students and should devise a policy that can somewhat meet both, the student & demand and the HEC
criteria for the promotion of students to the next semester.Kamran MaharBalochistan under acute
issues It makes me feel abysmal that Balochistan, being the richest province of Pakistan faces a multiple
challenges such as health crisis , poverty and inflation. Even with the arrival of COVID-19 the province is
facing an unprecedented crisis . Balochistan extend lockdown amid rising coronavirus cases . And
nowadays locust Invasion has been considered a national emergency which had revaged crops and
leading products . It's plague is as big as virus which has also existed food insecurity. The poor handling
of the pandemic is not entirely focused by the authorities too. In addition terrorism is running deep in
our province creating disturbances and depression . The Balochistan Liberation Army, designed as a
terrorist organization by Pakistan. The attacks are on the rise and there's no one to prevent it. COVID-
19 is our fundalmantal challenge but it is not overcome until things are not based on fundalmantal
method. But I am not sure these issues are not concentrated further as we the judge the risky time is
going to emerge. Most Surprisingly , Quetta is our provincial capital but the situation is totally worse
interms of development. The environmental issues are very serious in these crisis times . I request the
concerned authorities of Pakistan to be attempting mental attention to take a notice on these leading
problems.BarkatullahCovid-19 is prime for crimeStreet crimes are petty crimes which may often lead to
death. In Rawalpindi, small-time thieving is very common, and often increases in Ramadan. The people
living in the area falling under the jurisdiction of the New Town Police Station have remained particularly
vulnerable. Recently, link roads and in between streets have become hotspots for street crimes. Due to
the virus and the subsequent fall in people being outdoors, crimes rates have decreased considerably.
However, purse-snatching by motorcyclists has become a new challenge faced by the city’s police. I
appeal to the government to enforce regulations which lead to a reduction of crime and maintain law
and order once the pandemic passes and people ret urn to their daily lives.Hamza SiddiquiStopping the
locust plagueOur agricultural sector is in grave danger. A locust infestation has wreaked havoc in rural
communities and endangered the livelihood of farmers. The government does not seem to have a
specific strategy to counter this threat, and as a result, the country is now struggling to deal with two
crises: the coronavirus and the locus infestation. Dealing with large locust swarms is quite a challenge as
it requires high-acting chemical pesticides dispensed from the air and need a substantial amount of
funds to be utilized. Agriculturists and economists have pointed out that the locust infestations can lead
to a serious food shortage. There is no doubt that the government is facing innumerable challenges with
the coronavirus and now the locusts as well, but if a comprehensive strategy is formulated, the latter
can be brought under control easily. Below are some suggestions that the government could follow to
combat the threat: -The federal government should administer a joint strategy and work with the
provinces to eradicate the locusts. -There should be a clear hierarchy to be followed for effective
implementation. -The shortage of technical staff in the Department of Plant Protection (DPP) should be
addressed immediately.-Create a joint locust fund, supplied for by the federal and provincial
governments.-Foreign funding to provide guidance for the local technical staffs should be

-Meher Azeem Hakro