India-China Conflict


Tahir Jamal
A plight scenario that demands fraternal relations, mutual coalition and sharing of medical adepts to
wipe out deadly virus but the relations of asian countries with eachother depict appalling view. In this
sanguinary drizzled world, no one is amenable to come to a peaceful podium and negotiate with the
words in his mouth for the betterment of states. The clashes among soldiers at borders snuffs out
precious lives each day. Such anecdote that caught my eye on social media yesterday, twenty Indian
soldiers lost their lives during & violent faceoff with chinese army. Indian and Chinese soldiers havebeen
seething against eachother since four decades, the dispute was sparked in Indian-Administered Kashmir
in general and that of the galwan valley ladakh in particular. According to the data faded up by
authorities, both the countries havebeen censuring eachother for crossing the border. Immaculated
scrutiny should be espoused so that these messy skirmish onsets in future be dodged. If not subjected to
a proper solution, the rising tensions between two nuclear states can have consequences far beyond
borders and can overlap neighbouring countries in it’s pestilence.