Letter to the editor



Open the lock of consciousnessWe, the Baloch people, have been keeping unconsciousness on our
chests for centuries as our destiny and heritage. Apparently, such intellectuals consider themselves as
Socrates, Aristotle and Plato. But all this aside, if we look at the world with a conscious eye today, we
will be amazed at any level . How the world is living and how we are living. Let us know then. We will
shake our heads and bring our consciousness to its original human destination. Today is called the 21st
century. This is the age of high speed technology. In this age conscious people are moving towards
further development but we are still there. Today we see that technology has developed so much.
Human beings are completely free from physical work. The educational system of the developed
countries of the world has developed so much that the student has to go to school with his mind instead
of book and pen. The world today is taking online classes and passing their exams. Some books and
newspapers from Urdu and other languages are closing down and moving towards English. But alas, we
were the same as we had been for centuries. Alas, today we have to open our eyes. If we still keep our
eyes closed, in the future our name will be included in the list of animals. If we look at the development
of the world, education is becoming the cause of the success of the nation. Even today, the nation that

has developed without education is not found in history to have developed without education.
Education is said to be the key to development. Nowadays, if we want to keep pace with the world, we
have to pay close attention to our education. You have to teach your children. You have to understand
the world. Bakhtiar Rahim BalochAnimal abuseAnimal abuse refers to the neglect and cruelty inflicted
upon animals. If the owner of an animal does not provide the necessary food, facilities, and vaccination
required for the safety and wellbeing of the animal, it shall be classified as neglect and cruelty, and
therefore would be a form of animal abuse. According to research, acts of cruelty towards animals are
indications of deep mental disturbance and a psychological imbalance. Research in psychology and
criminology shows that people who commit acts of cruelty towards animals often translate these acts
towards human beings in the form of violence. An FBI agent responsible for developing profiles for serial
killers stated that murders often start with the killing and torturing of animals as kids. In Pakistan, there
exist no stringent laws to condemn animal abuse. A few months before the coronavirus started to
spread, many poultry farmers threw their chickens in wells and rivers due to fears of a loss of profits.
This cruelty towards chickens is not an isolated incident, so too have such instances occurred with dogs,
cows, and other animals. Dog fights in rural areas are an example of this cruelty.In the Pakistan, PAWS,
BROOKE, PGFA and many other foundations along with NGO’s are working for the welfare and safety of
animals within the country, but so too should the government enforce strict laws against animal cruelty.
This is a matter of pressing concern and one that should be corrected immediately if what studies of
criminology and psychology assert, prove to be true.Muhammad Azam NagraOnline gaming during the
coronavirusTwo games have become very popular during the pandemic as people around the world find
alternate ways to entertain themselves. Player Unknown’s Battle Ground (PUBG) is an astounding game,
but many users have reported the game crashing. This can be a frustrating predicament which results in
automatic defeat. An abundance of gamers have reported their games crashing, with the count rising to
six in a single day.The onset of the coronavirus pandemic has confined people to their houses. One of
the most popular board games that have kept people diligent at this time is Ludo King. In fact, the digital
version of Ludo has given tough competition to PUBG Mobile in terms of a fan following and number of
users. Ludo King is played just like the physical game, where the player rolls the dice and moves their
token according to the number on the dice. Ludo’s popularity has risen greatly these days and if one is
looking for a good pass time, this is your best bet.Iqra MaryamInability of disaster managementRecently
a devastating earthquake took place in different parts of the country. It had catastrophic effects and
proved once again that Pakistan needs to develop a more effective strategy to deal with such
disasters.Disaster management teams do not either seem to be active or are unequipped to deal with
the sudden occurrence of a crisis; a similar thing noticed when devastating floods ruined the country’s
agricultural areas.

-Mujahid Qayyum